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Moral Development of the Children - Essay Example

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One important aspect of research is ethical consideration. Ethical consideration ensures the researchers carry out their work in accordance to the set rules and regulation. Ethical framework in research can be described as a set of rules and regulations which protects the rights of subjects used in the research…
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Moral Development of the Children
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Extract of sample "Moral Development of the Children"

Download file to see previous pages Most children are not aware of their rights and hence can be subjected to unethical researches. It is for this reason that it has become important to ensure that strict ethical issues are put in place for those who carry out research on children.
Ethical consideration is very important as it helps us to make a balance between the potential risks of the research in comparison to the potential benefits that are likely to come out of the research. Ethical issues are particularly important in this respect while one is dealing with the most vulnerable members of the society. In the research work we have a duty of protecting children as our subjects of study. It has been proved that researchers can carry out an effective research through taking into consideration the practical problem they are studying and how it affects the subjects of study and like wise putting into consideration the ethical consideration that one has to apply in the course of the study. (Christ, 2001)
Research has been proved to be one of the best means in which we can study moral development of the child. Scholars have put forward cognitive and developmental psychology which can guide us in studying moral development in children. These theories try to put forward proposition which shows how the development in the brains of the child affects the moral development. Cognitive theories stresses that child development goes in stages developing. (Piaget and Inhelder, 1948)
In carrying out moral development research in children, one can use different methods. However the method of choice must ensure that there will be minimal interference with the rights of the children. To ensure that we follow the ethical code, we must make sure that we choose a method that will allow us to respect the rights of the individual as much as possible. There are many research designs that can be used. One can use survey or experimental research designs. But experimental research design will require us to subject the children to some experiments which may at the end cause harm to them. Experimental design has a problem in studying children especially in strange situations since most of them are not accustomed to the researchers and are likely to change their behaviours which may alter the results of the study. This may lead to inaccurate results. In his case the research survey becomes the best method of choice. There are different survey methods that can be used in the study. In the survey one can use longitudinal designs where the researchers concentrate on studying one subject over a long time. This can be accurate since one can be able to correlate later development of the subject with earlier development and can easily not any change. One can also use cross sectional design where one compares different cohorts or groups of children with different ages and note the differences in their behaviours. These are some of the most effective methods which can be used for studying the developmental changes in a child. These two methods are usually accompanied by observations. The researcher might find it difficult to apply some data collection methods like interview since the child may not answer all questions appropriately. (Denin, 1999)
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