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Psychological Schools of Thought - Essay Example

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This essay declares that psychological schools of thought are crucial in understanding human behaviour and human thought. Many psychologists want to explain how people acquire new information, how people learn to live with one another or why people make the choices that they do. …
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Psychological Schools of Thought
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Extract of sample "Psychological Schools of Thought"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper stresses there are numerous schools of thought in the field of psychology. However, these schools of thought can be categorised into a series of categories. For instance, behavioural schools of thought are those ones that focus on acquisition of behaviour. Usually, these schools of thought are applicable in therapeutic settings to assist individuals in the process of acquiring new skills. In close relation to the latter category is the cognitive school of thought. In this particular category, more focus is placed in internal processes. For example there is a lot of reference to the processes of motivation, decision making, attention or the thinking process. One of the most well known authors in this category is Piaget through his cognitive development theory. The latter category also contains all theories of intelligence and cognitive psychology.

From this paper it is clear that developmental theories are also important as schools of thought. The latter theories are particularly useful in trying to understand development, human growth and learning. Through developmental schools of thought, it is possible for one to understand society and individuals. Examples of schools of thought that fall in this category include Freud’s psychosexual development, Piaget’s cognitive development theory, social learning theory, attachment theory and Erickson’s psychosexual development. The paper will focus on Freud’s and Erickson’s school of thought in subsequent portions....
This category also focuses on psychological problems in society. Some of the major psychologists associated with these schools of thought include Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. Maslow came up with his hierarchy of needs idea while other psychologists examined aspects such as self efficacy. The latter category is also made up of personality types. Most of the schools of thought found in this category are those ones that revolve around assessment of the behaviours or feelings that make those particular individuals unique. In other words, through this aspect, it is possible to understand the subject of one's personality. Some of the most prominent characters in this category include Freud and Erickson through their personality theories. (Flax, 2003)
Comparison of Freud and Erikson's schools of thought
As it has been stated earlier, Freud was identified with the theory of psychoanalysis. Consequently, Freud was responsible for the psycho-analytic school of thought. On the other hand, Erikson was associated with the psychosocial school of thought. There were a number of similarities and differences between these two writer's works. First, the work will begin with a comparison of some of their similarities then it will contrast their works.
Similarities in their work
Freud and Erikson were quite similar to one another because both of them were dwelling on the issue of development. Additionally, they both focused on the stages that individuals go through in their developmental aspects. These stages were instrumental in later aspects of life because they were the foundation that determined an individual's outcome.
The first phase of the psychosocial school of thought is somewhat similar to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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