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Self-Harm in Prisoners - Essay Example

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There has been a lot of difficulty in trying to understand the reason why the suicides and self harm are common among prisoners since the prisoners do not open up easily or are embarrassed by what they are undergoing. Generally the essence of creating the prisons several centuries ago was to ensure that felons would face full force of the law…
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Self-Harm in Prisoners
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Extract of sample "Self-Harm in Prisoners"

Download file to see previous pages However with the current changes in the societal norms, many people want the rules to be toughened for the criminals as crime rates and seriousness of the offences among the youths have been increasing drastically.
The rate at which self harm is taking place in prisons in the United Kingdom is alarming. Female prisoners have been reported to record disproportionately high incidences of such occurrences. The prison staffs have a possible significant role in identifying and managing these cases and those that present highest risk. In spite of all these, the effects that these occurrences have on prison staff have not been addressed. Previous researchers have categorised the incidences as genuine or non genuine self harm (Haw et al 2001). This is useful in helping to understand the reasons which lead to the such actions as those prisoners whose acts of self harm were found to be non genuine were thought to be rational manipulation so as to achieve certain ends. In most cases, the staff show resentment towards these prisoners, furthermore most of the staff also reported that it was becoming a serious problem to manage their welfare and balance with the security tasks, such as feeling confident with the detention functions at the prison.
Thought it may not be openly and widely addressed, it's quite evident that prison staffs suffer psychologically, behaviourally and physiologically following these events of prisoner self harm. The commonest feeling reported include a feeling of being unsupported and untrained in their custodian duties and also feel more pressurised due to time limits and low man power (Haw et al 2001). The prison staff as a consequence of the above factors feels lack of confidence in dealing with incidences of self harm.
Being incarcerated can be a very difficult moment for some individuals hence it's not unusual for prisoners to at times think that they are facing very serious problem that they cannot deal with or solve them. Some individuals feel so desperate and depressed that they may contemplate causing physical harm to themselves or even committing suicide. Generally these moments do not usually last for long and the prison staff suspecting a prisoner to be undergoing such will put in every possible initiative and effort to try and assist and support.
In most cases the prison staff are educated and trained on skills to provide assistance to prisoners who present the risk of self harm like suicide. The prison staffs provide support and advice to felons and this has been very critical over the past years. The prison staffs provide company, making the prisoner affected to feel safe and develop self esteem again (Snow & Mchugh 2000). Such relations develop and the staff and prisoners get socially and emotionally connected. The prisoners can carefully explain their problems to the Samaritan trained listener who might give advice in the end (Haw et al 2001).
The prison service usually uses a care planning scheme termed as Assessment Care in Custody and Teamwork- ACCT to identify prisoners at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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