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Self Harm - Essay Example

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Self harm as the term implies is the deliberate harming or injuring of one's own self without any intention of committing suicide. Even though, it does not sound like a sensible thing to do to a sane person, an ever increasing number of people are involved in this kind of activity to their own detriment…
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Self Harm

Download file to see previous pages... It usually is an addictive practice for most people. People resort to it as their only means of escape from their daily troubles while some do it only for some time to vent out their frustration. There is no regular pattern of self harming for most people; some do it on a daily basis while others do it for a temporary period of time. These people often develop suicidal tendencies but that is rare.
Moreover, self harming is usually more common in youngsters or teenagers because their minds are still immature, inexperienced and limited. They usually see self-mutilation as an easy way out of things as at this stage most teenagers have a sensitive relationship with their parents and therefore they cannot confide in them. Friends do not always give healthy and beneficial advice and they might be involved in self-harming too which definitely has a negative influence on the person asking for assistance. They might also use this practice to punish themselves if they are feeling guilty over some thing or dissatisfied with the outcomes of any issue.
It is quite hard to find statistics regarding people who indulge in self-harm as they usually do not reveal their wounds and try to pretend that they were hurt by accident. Generally, however, it is reported that women have a higher tendency of self harming than in men. The age bracket when self harming is most common is usually between 11 and 25, both in men and women. Surprising is the fact that self harming is more common in children who are well taken care of, belong to well-off families and enjoy good living conditions. The basic reason for this can be attributed to the psychology of these children. Children belonging to this kind of lifestyle are less ready to face challenges, have strained relationships with their parents and are easily influenced because they are exposed to a lot of things other children are not.
Looked after children tend to feel over protected by their parents and this generates frustration and lack of tolerance in them. They feel they are imprisoned and are not at a liberty to do what they want to do like other children who do not belong to such families. They enjoy the luxuries of life but remain dissatisfied. If they have working parents, and children are left to the care of servants and other members of the family, they can easily resort to self harm to relieve themselves of the "suffocating" feeling they experience in their homes. Disobeying their parents gives them satisfaction and makes them feel they can get away with some things, even if they are not allowed to do the rest of the things they would like to do.
In contrast, however, are children who have suffered mental trauma or abuse in childhood and self harm to cope up with the bitter memories. Children abuse has become quite common and it may adversely affect people in their later years. Children's immature mind may also be affected by the negative attitudes of teachers and a bad scolding at school may be imprinted in their minds forever which may lead them to disastrous activities. Parent's neglect has its share too in making children and the youths of today, violent. If the childhood memories of people are darkened by their parent's arguing, bickering and fights, then the children are likely to grow up quite aggressive and may want to take it out on themselves in their later years. Neglect and inattentiveness of parents also makes them less ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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