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Perception Of Nurses Regarding Self-Harming Patients - Literature review Example

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Perception Of Nurses Regarding Self-Harming Patients.
Self-harming is taken up by individuals to seek the help of others in assisting them to counter the growing psychic and internal pain from which they are suffering from. …
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Perception Of Nurses Regarding Self-Harming Patients
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Download file to see previous pages The people that have self-harmed them are found to be devoid of the needed sympathy and care from the medical staffs and nurses on being admitted to the emergency units. Nurses tend to avoid them on account of wrong perceptions making them feel more desolate. This in turn again contributes in enhancing his or her self-farming behaviour which sometimes turns out to be fatal culminating to suicide (Cleaver, 2006, p.148-151).
The paper would tend to use research based articles tends to focus on the attitudes and attributes of the nurses pertaining to the self-harming patients and also on the process of bring about attitudinal changes in the nurses involved. Further it would also endeavour in using specific statistical techniques relevant to the topic to help enhance the understanding and also cites recommendations pertaining to the issue taken. Cleaver (2006) observes that the act of self-harm constitutes such actions where the person, either a male or a female either tends to position, bruise or burn oneself. In that, the person focuses on injuring his or her own body as a mark of punishment rendered on oneself. This sense of punishment alleviates and culminates to the act of self-harm where the individual feels that such act would help him or her to regain their position in the society. More specifically, the people rendering self-harm tend to suffer from a huge burden of desperation. They, in order to evoke the sense of fear in the minds of others or to reinstate their position tend to act in such forceful manner. Observation shows, that this act of self-harm gains more prevalence pertaining to people in their teenage years and also in adults. Children, though quite rare become the silent victims of self-harm. Again, the phenomenon of self-harm is more noticeable regarding women folk than in men. Men are more prone to acts of suicide than ceasing to causing only self-harm like in women. Thus, owing to the variance reflected in the above cases the nurses working in the emergency units are required to act accordingly to render effective services. Herein, Cleaver (2006) states that some nursing staffs feel the zeal to take to such challenging assignments that includes a large amount of variations. Nursing staffs need to be trained in subjects pertaining to psychoanalytic and risk assessments to effectively function in such traumatic departments. The nurses and palliative care staffs need to understand the potency of the risk associated in dealing with such patients and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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