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Self Harm: Discussion of Research Papers - Dissertation Example

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Self harm: Discussion of research papers The review of literature on the attitudes of nurses towards patients of self-harm, conducted as a part of this study helped me in understanding the scope and extent of the problem and its likely impact on the patient's health outcomes…
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Self Harm: Discussion of Research Papers
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Download file to see previous pages This attitude towards such patients was largely influenced by the fact that most of these nurses lacked the required training and education needed to assess the patients' care needs and generate appropriate and timely responses. They were found to be largely ignorant regarding the gravity of the issue which resulted in a negative attitude towards the patients of self-harm. Furthermore it was also observed during the part of the study that the attitudes of other health care professionals such as doctors were relatively more positive as compared to that of the nurses working in the A&E department. This could be attributed to the fact that the doctors had extensive experience and knowledge regarding the matter and were highly aware of the care and treatment needs of such patients. This paper includes a comprehensive discussion of the literature reviewed particularly with regard to the three key factors i.e., attitudes of nurses working in A&E department towards the patient of self-harm; attitude of emergency staff and healthcare professionals; and the development of measurement tools and effective management policies; to address the key concerns highlighted during the study. The key objective of this study was to understand, assess and examine the attitudes of nurses, and healthcare professionals towards the patients of self-harm and determine the various development and measurement tools as well as management policies that can be implemented to enhance service delivery and effectiveness of the nurses as well as to improve health outcomes for the patients. The literature also assesses the various reasons behind patients indulging in self-harm and highlights the need to provide mental health care to such patients. It also stresses the significance of providing education intervention to nurses in the A&E department in order to ensure better service delivery and prompt response on the part of the nurses as well as the healthcare professionals. The key aim of this study was to understand the attitudes of nurses in the A&E department and other healthcare professionals towards patients of self-harm. In order to achieve this objective it is important to understand the fundamental factors that drive the patients towards self-harm as well as the basic definition and meaning of the term. The literature reviewed as a part of this course described the concept of self-harm in fairly uniform manner. The terms self-harm / injury are used interchangeably throughout the literature, to describe the various ways in which individuals deliberately harm themselves. Such individuals are described as having para-suicidal tendencies and are at the most risk of causing serious injury to them. The concept of self-harm was coined by Kreitman et al. (1969: 746) and was used to describe situations wherein an individual simulates or mimics suicide through acts which can prove to be potentially fatal and cause serious harm or injury to themselves in the process. According to Brophy (2006 qtd. in McAllister 2838) the term is used to refer to people who have suicidal tendencies and indulge in self-harming behaviour such as consuming poison, cutting or slashing of one's wrists, drug overdose, and at times hanging or banging their heads, or even pulling one's own hair. Hawton et al. (2002) states that a significant proportion of patients of self-harm choose self-poisoning as a method to harm themselves however various other widely observed methods used by such patients include laceration, burning as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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