Nursing Concepts: Dorothea Orems Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory - Essay Example

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There are various nursing theories, which apply specific concepts in practice. My paper seeks to discuss Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory. Dorothea Orem started working on this theory in 1959 and she still adds more development s to the theory to-date. It came to be popularly known as the Orem Model of Nursing. …
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Nursing Concepts: Dorothea Orems Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory
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Having seen how the theory’s concept was successfully used in the two cases, I can boldly suggest that this theory can be successfully applied in the nursing practice. I think the theory can be easily applied to a wide range of both situations in the nursing field and patients. The theory is very general in principles and concepts. Such a generality make it very dynamic and therefore it can be used in a variety of settings. It also provides an environment for a better nurse-patient relationship. When both are comfortable, the work becomes easier, since they help each to succeed in the task. The patient then gets the best care possible and ability to care for themselves.
The role of the nurse, as we have seen, is to help the patient know and follow self-care practices for quick recovery. The nurse also comes out as a very important player in increasing the patient’s self-care abilities. Close nursing is only needed when the patient cannot steadily uphold to the required amount and quality of self-care skills. The therapeutics should be strong enough to keep the patient strong and healthy. Only this way will a patient be able to recover from a disease or injury. Sometimes they may be needed for helping the patient adapt to and live with effects of diseases and injuries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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