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Psychological - Research Paper Example

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The given research experiment is conducted to study the hypothesis that ‘an external stimulus can decrease an individual’s memory performance’. The experiment assumes
importance in that the various dimensions of memory performance under external stimulus or rather distraction mode ,can be studied…
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Psychological research
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Download file to see previous pages The given research experiment is conducted to study the hypothesis that ‘an external stimulus can decrease an individual’s memory performance’. The experiment assumes
importance in that the various dimensions of memory performance under external stimulus or rather distraction mode, can be studied.The hypothesis looks simple and direct. But experiments have to be conducted to prove or disprove even simple postulates so that a scientific conclusion is arrived at. The research has been conducted by way of a memory test on two groups of subjects, one the control group and the other the experimental group for whom external stimulus was introduced in order to study the impact on memory performance. The results show a difference in performance between the two groups.The results have to be analyzed and interpreted. in the context of the hypothesis.Before analyzing the experiment, it is essential that various aspects of memory are studied. Memory can be analyzed into three aspects or processes namely fixation, retention and reproduction or recall. Clifford T.Morgan in his Introduction To Psychology 2004 mentions of three distinct processes of memory namely an encoding process, a storage process, and a retrieval process. During the first stage, the sensory input is received and transformed into a form or code which is then registered. . For this, one has to pay attention .Merely scanning cannot retain much.. ...
The retention time is very brief. An example is visual sensory register.
In short term memory , information can be registered for 30 seconds or more . This is
volatile and users will often forget in the presence of distraction. Here again
retention depends on various factors. Various studies have shown that the memory is
limited to 7 (plus or minus 2) items of information.
The long term memory is limitless and helps us in recalling many things on a permanent
basis. The subject experiment is one of short term memory and free recall that is the
subjects can recall in their own way.
The experiment has been aimed at studying the memory performance of subjects
under external stimulus. It makes common sense to postulate that distraction can
adversely affect memory. In order to make a scientific study various experiments have to
be conducted
The method involved in the memory test was by placing 12 easily recognizable objects
and both the groups were given one minute to view them . The experimental group was
introduced loud rock music next to them. Both the groups were asked to recall as many
.items as possible. It is to be noted that the items were easily recognizable ones and so
memorising them should not be difficult. The stimulus introduced was loud rock music
which can be safely assumed to be distractive .
The results of the study shows the following.

Group one could recall on an average 8.6 items and group two 5.8 items.
So the average percentage scored by the control group is 71% and the experimental group
48%. The highest and lowest number of itmes recalled by group one is 9 and 7 and
it was 7 and 4 by group two. It is to be noted that even a single subject in either group
could not recall all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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