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How does being HIV positive influence the sex we have. A thematic analysis exploring what it means to be HIV positive for gay men - Research Proposal Example

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Being HIV positive for any individual is not an easy burden to bear given the stereotype and stigmatization these people always receive from the community as well as the society as a whole. As such, they are ordinary human beings who deserve the right to sexual satisfaction…
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How does being HIV positive influence the sex we have. A thematic analysis exploring what it means to be HIV positive for gay men
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Extract of sample "How does being HIV positive influence the sex we have. A thematic analysis exploring what it means to be HIV positive for gay men"

Download file to see previous pages s to reduce further spread of HIV/AIDS have always focused on introducing programs that aim at encouraging people with infections to practice safe sex and safeguard the well-being of the uninfected individuals (Cohen, 2012). On the contrary, this over-emphasis on individuals with the disease is increasing the spread of the virus because it is the common belief that once a person is infected, he or she must protect others they indulge in sexual behaviours with. However, it is the case with the gay men who have been identified to be at higher risks of contracting the disease because their sexual partners practice unsafe sex as suggested by (Davies, Hickson, Weatherburn & Hunt, 2013). In fact, studies show that men having sex with men are at higher risks of risky sexual behaviours, and this explains the high prevalent of HIV/AIDS among the gay men. For instance, a study confirmed the increased rate of unprotected sex among the HIV negative and the HIV positive gay men during a cohort study (Takács, Kelly, PTóth, Mocsonaki & Amirkhanian, 2013). On the other hand, the literature confirms that men who have sex with men increase their levels of risky sexual behaviours after they realize that they are positive. Therefore, the aim of this study is to find out what it means to be HIV positive for the gay men by exploring the struggle with the change, what leads them to increased risky sexual behaviours. It will also explore the encountering of increased or decreased psychosocial support.
Davies, Hickson, Weatherburn and Hunt (2013) pointed across that increased rate of HIV infections among the gay men is much attributed to the high-risk behaviours they develop after contracting the disease. As such, gay men will indulge more in unprotected sex since they perceive this as the only means through which they can cope with living with the condition, alias HIV-positive. According to Cohen (2012), gay men who are HIV-positive are prone to high-risk behaviours including increased ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does Being HIV Positive Influence the Sex We Have. A Thematic Research Proposal.
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