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Communicating with Children who have Autism - Essay Example

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Autism is a brain disorder which is one of the most common among the group called as Pervasive developmental disorder which involves delays in many areas of childhood development. Autism affects the crucial areas of development of a child including the verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction and creative play…
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Communicating with Children who have Autism
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Download file to see previous pages If the child is having these kind of developmental milestone probably the child is not having autism. It is not uncommon for the child to develop epilepsy in adulthood. The repetitive behaviors such as hand flapping or spinning may be seen in children. The children may develop excessive fear or temper tantrums or aggression. There are even eating disorders. The individual usually have a normal life span but they require life long supervision. Autistic children have repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior like abnormally preoccupied with some interest, sticking to certain habits, self-stimulating behaviors etc. "Also, many autistic children are mentally retarded 94% have an IQ of less than 68". ( n.d.)
"Leo Kanner first identified autism in 1943 when he described 11 self-absorbed children who had autistic disturbances of affect contact" (NIDCD. 2008.) Autism was once thought of an attachment disorder occurring as a result of poor parenting. But, this has been proved to be a myth. Nowadays, the specialists were of opinion that autism is a brain disorder which makes a person to process and respond to the world. Autism seems to have a genetic origin as in some cases, it seem to run in families. Autism is two to three times common in boys than girls. Autism affects people of all levels of intelligence. Autism affects people of all races, ethnic groups and of all socio economic background.
Identification of Autism
The early signs and symptoms that parents and Pediatricians look for to alert them that a child needs further evaluation for autism include:
not smiling by six months of age
not babbling, pointing or using other gestures by 12 months
not using single words by age 16 months
not using two word phrases by 24 months
Having a regression in development, with any loss of language or social skills the children with autism avoid eye contact with the people as they are unaware of the people around them. The symptoms of autism are generally identified about the age of 3 but in some cases the symptoms could be identified even about six months of age.

Normal development of speech and language occurs during the first three years of life, which is the period when the brain is developing and maturing. These skills are apt to develop best in a world that is enriched with sounds, sights and constant exposure to speech and language. At this developmental stage, there occurs intense desire to communicate with the external world.
Even though, the exact cause of speech and language problems in autism is not known, many specialists that believe that these may be due to a variety of conditions which occur before, during or after birth which affects brain development. Some scientists are of opinion that the communication problem to be a theory of mind where there is impaired ability to think about thoughts or imagine another individual's state of mind combined with an impaired ability to symbolize. The common communication problem in autism differs depending on the intellectual and social development of the child. Some may have a problem in speaking; others may have a good vocabulary and can talk about their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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