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Development Psychology : An Interview - Research Paper Example

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She is what you call the normal teenager because it is very rare to find a teenager who isn’t into the hurtful things that sees it as a good thing. I must say her mind is not corrupted and her life isn’t in a turmoil. I am not saying she is the perfect example of a perfect teenager, but she has amazing qualities that are so easy to find in today’s world. …
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Development Psychology : An Interview
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How has your childhood affected or molded you into who you are today Vanessa says, "I think that it made me more alert on how I view life and what life really means. It has made me more self cautious because I have learned that life isn't full of games and run around and it wasn't a land of play. It taught me that responsibility and maturity were just two of the important needs to make it through life and the real world. I know that I am very outspoken and I'm not afraid to speak the truth and tell what needs to be told. I am not shy when it comes to presentations or group presentations and I don't have a difficulty with being social or having a social life. Even though I am very conservative with my personal thoughts that can really make me get teary or soft and my tough skin can slid off, I keep those personal thoughts and details to myself. One thing I must say about myself is that I never feel alone because I have a twin sister and I think that is the best thing to ever have. Yes, we may fight, but we can never be mad for too long."

How do you view your life right now She stated strongly, "My life is very well structured and on point. There aren't any home situations that can cause me to think the extreme like suicide or feel like no one loves me, nothing like that. My grades are really outstanding. I never knew that I could have achieved to that maximum. I only mostly get A's and B's. I already started planning for my future and what I want to major in. I am trying to find a college or university or institute that has Computer Animation and PH Forensic Lab. They don't have to be in the same school, but those two fields are what I really want I want to get in. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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