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This paper examines the various personality test from different studies. These tests include the Orpheus work-based personality questionnaire by John Rust, the Eysenck personality questionnaire, the Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, and lastly, the Psychometric test…
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The psychological methods for studying the personality
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Download file to see previous pages Orpheus personality questionnaire which contains 190 items is set to predict the administrator performance in testing the personality of a person. It gives the score on a 16 scales and tests 12 characters that include the minor scales which are 7 and the major scales which are 5, (Harvey A.G, 2002). The minor scales are basically meant to test the personalities such as recklessness, anger, poor work orientation, betrayal, deceitful, inactivity, and resentfulness. On the other hand, the big five personalities focus on the extraversion, tough-mind ness, honesty, neuroticism, and meticulousness. Orpheus theory is more likely affected by the social desirability which leads to the exclusion of some of the lesser correlations. Another claim on the Orpheus scale in the effect of the five big model to the minor scale. The five big scale is seen as a complete description of personality, and thus the minor scale seems not to add anything to the description of personality as it has already been done by the big five model. A renowned psychologist Hans Eysenck had a clear understanding of how introversion and extraversion, determined the personal trait of an individual. Eysenck believed that personality is determined by person’s genes and is not possible to cover up negative traits through learned behavior. Extraverts are constantly lowly stimulated and fed up, while introverts according to Eysenck are constantly highly stimulated and nervous and therefore require calm to make them change to a normal state....
Extraverts are constantly lowly stimulated and fed up, while introverts according to Eysenck are constantly highly stimulated and nervous and therefore require calm to make them change to a normal state. A part from the genetic constitution, environmental factors such as rearing, schooling, cultural provision and the kind of nutrition one is taking, are also important in determining the personality traits of a person. In his study, Eysenck describe difference ways of testing the correlation of psychtocism and creativity, and support psychoticism creativity model using five different ways. The fist ways was that persons genetically relation to diagnosed psychotics is creative, and thus, there is a vast prospect in creativity and for psychological difference. Secondly, he relates psychoticism to tested creativity, in which the fluency of the person and the originality of the person is measured. The third, study relates psychoticism to creative achievement. This study uses actual artistic achievement as criterion for evaluating the creativity and originality. Fourthly, Eysenck supports his claim using the idea that the creative individual frequently suffers from different psychopathologies and lastly, Eysenck support his theory by argue that it is exceptionally significant. He cited various examples which support his theory it as being. To verify his theory he used various tests which include: EPQ test, Word Association test, Word Hallo test, Word Sorting test, and Object Sorting test. Eysenck theory, have received a lot of critism from many psychologist. For example Amabile, (1993) criticize Eysenck's use of word association tests and a high psychoticism scores on the Revised Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, in which he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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