The Psychology of Human in A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams - Article Example

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The paper presents Tennessee Williams who develops ideas for his character’s to strive for and throughout the play, he shows his reader’s how these ideas affect their individual lives. Tennessee Williams portrays Blanche to be very concerned with her image so that people would accept her…
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The Psychology of Human in A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
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The feeling of refreshment and renewed strength is not long lasting: the past does not wash away so easily and brings her to a terrible climax. Blanche feels desperately lonely and hopes to meet someone to save her from falling into depression. She focuses on this so much that she falls in the end. Art, as a symbolic expression, often reflects intra-physic conflicts within the artist, and many of Tennessee Williams' plays contain themes of desperate loneliness, human disconnectedness, and victimization between the powerful and the weak. Human psychology in A Streetcar Named Desire is not represented as a guiltless thing; on the contrary, it is more so being represented as an instrument that aids people in committing terrifying deeds. The psychology of humans is being described by Blanche’s weak psychological state. Blanche has the psychology of a deprived woman; she wants to be loved, but can never reach it. Stanley’s active hatred towards Blanche is obvious throughout the play, especially during his birthday gift to her, his damage to her relationship with Mitch, and his raping her. She depends on male appreciation for her sense of self-respect. Stanley has the psychology of an ancient man; it is represented well through the performances he performs in the play, particularly his actions towards Blanche. She settles in illusion; fantasy is her prime means of self-protection, she has nothing else to turn to. Stanley symbolizes a very unrefined person, an idea of man unaffected by civilization and its influences. She cannot cope with the truth head-on, so she moves back towards her fantasies, which shelters her from the misfortunes that she has had to bear. Blanche DuBois along with Stanley Kowalski is chief examples of how Williams demonstrates human psychology together with emotion. Stanley exposes the psychology of humans inside a different approach. He has the capability to be incredibly brutal, in fact, he is hardhearted, and knows no sorrow for his brutal deeds. The scene also concludes Stanley's taunting of Blanche that has occurred throughout the play as he makes a physical display of his power over her. Again because of the social force that surrounds Stanley, he is being forced to be cruel. In Williams' plays, there are several ways to damage someone. And some are worse than others (Winer (2004), p. 85). Many people live their life trying to achieve their idea of perfection. Man is supposed to be born free, but everywhere he is in chains. This is because of the influencing forces that an individual chooses to grasp. An idea might be illustrated through intellectual, physical, moral, practical, or even emotional performances. Literature offers many examples of how individuals are being influenced by an ideal. Because people wanted to belong, their personal freedom becomes restricted and they tend to be influenced by the social and the psychological forces that surround them. Read More
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The Psychology of Humans Inside Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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