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The Basic Structure of the Brain and the Functions - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes psychology as the science or study of the thought processes and behaviour of humans and other animals in their interaction with the environment. The De anima of Aristotle is considered the first monument of psychology as such, centred on the belief that the heart was the basis for mental activity…
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The Basic Structure of the Brain and the Functions
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Download file to see previous pages Psychology is a science because it is systematic and empirical and is dependent upon measurement. In the study of human behaviour, many scientists and psychologists have come up with various theories. Some of these theories have proven to be true. Psychology continues to study the many aspects of human behaviour and tries to give an explanation of man’s behaviour. The various activities of the nervous system can be grouped together as three general, overlapping functions: Sensory, Integrative, and Motor. Millions of sensory receptors detect changes called stimuli, which occur inside and outside the body. They monitor such things such as temperature, light and sound from the external environment. Inside the body, the internal environment, receptors detect changes, called stimuli, which occur inside and outside the body. They monitor such things as temperature, light, and sound from the external environment. Inside the body the internal environment, receptors detect variations in pressure, pH, carbon dioxide concentration, and the levels of various electrolytes. All of this gathered information is called sensory input. Sensory input is converted into electrical signals called nerve impulses that are transmitted to the brain. There the signals are brought together to create sensations, to produce thoughts, or to add to memory; Decisions are made each moment based on the sensory input. This is integration. Based on the sensory input and integration, the nervous system responds by sending signals to muscles, causing them to contract, or to glands, causing them to produce secretions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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