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Analysis of Theories of Deviance - Article Example

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This article discusses social processes, a good solution is to start from the initial definition of methodology that will be used for the examination of social problems. Finally, choosing between the usefulness of the mentioned sociological perspectives for this example of deviant behavior…
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Analysis of Theories of Deviance
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Theories of Deviance"

Download file to see previous pages Let us employ the so-called labeling theory and social constructionist perspective, and identify an instance of deviant behavior which can be analyzed from those perspectives.
Such an instance can be found in the article of Ashleigh Wilson "Land where petrol fuels nothing but despair", which describes an acute social problem experienced by the Aboriginal communities in Australia. In the situation of grave social conditions, many people of different age abuse gasoline by sniffing it, which deteriorates health and may lead to disablement and death. What aggravates this issue is the lack of hope for its solution, as community members, who are afraid to intervene due to the violent behavior of gasoline-sniffers, are helpless before this self-destructive habit, while the Government seems to be largely ignoring the problem.
Now, if we interpret this situation from the point of view of the labeling theory, what comes to mind first is the attention that this theory pays to the symbolic meaning of deviant behavior. In this regard, in general terms, it can be pointed out that gasoline-sniffing, as acknowledged by sniffers themselves, is a symbolic form of escape from the unpleasant aspects of social reality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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