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The negotiation of values in therapy - Essay Example

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This essay “The negotiation of values in therapy” discusses an interactive process which involves a counsellor and a client. It is a process which the counsellor helps the client to open up and get solutions to problems that they face…
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The negotiation of values in therapy
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Download file to see previous pages Campbell (1997) asserts that there are three broad branches of psychological counselling. There is behavioural counselling which mainly deals with the conscious processes in relation to cognitions and behaviours. There is also humanistic counselling which has the end result of making the client achieve self actualization, and there is psychoanalytical counselling. Psychodynamic counselling is derived from psychoanalytical counselling. It uses the concepts from the psychoanalytical counselling to explain human growth, development and the psychological problems that they face in their daily lives. It is an analytical model that tries to link the present situation with the happenings in our daily lives. It links the present life with childhood life in trying to unravel the links between different developments processes. (Doherty, 1995)
This indicates that psychodynamic counselling is an interactive process in which the counsellor must dig deep into the client’s life in order to help find a solution to the current situation that the client is facing. The process involves revisiting of the client’s earlier life and hence the counsellor is likely to know more about the client than in a normal counselling process.  (Doherty, 1995) The counsellor must take an analysis of the client life including trauma, cultural practices, sexual orientation, and other social life of the client.
British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, (BACP) defines a counsellor as anyone. who plays the role of a counsellor, psychotherapist, trainer, or educator in offering counselling services. According to Woody and Jane (2001), due to the inclusiveness of this concept, it has been found that anybody offering counselling services will not be a professionally trained counsellor. As such it has been found necessary to come up with an ethical framework that provides a guideline on how the process should be.
In our present world, there have been a number of approaches to the word. Kerridge et al., (1998), asserted that regardless of the area of application, the word must include some sense to values in that area, principles that stands by human life and personal moral qualities. There are important considerations that ethical framework has been laid on for a smooth counselling process. The code of ethics ensures that there is a personal responsibility in the side of the counsellor. It seeks to justify the process in terms of principles of practice and fulfilment of the goals in counselling process. It seeks to incorporate cultural and moral values in the process. The whole process however is defined by the professional values that express the ethical commitment of the process. (Corey et al., 2007)
I believe that learning the ethical code will help me in becoming a good counsellor. Looking into details in the provisions of the ethical framework, there are a number of ways that it will help me in the counselling proce ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Negotiation of Values in Therapy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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