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Teen Violence - Essay Example

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Teen violence has come to the forefront from the side wings, where it always has been, all of a sudden in Britain. It is a rather depressing social happening and one that creates terrible hopelessness in the society. It also brings forward the divisions, simmering hatred, difficult bifurcations and unmentionable sad undercurrents of the society that looks monolithic from outside…
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Teen Violence
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Download file to see previous pages Daily Mirror blames the home and school environment and lack of interest for the crime escalation. "Today, school boy violence is brutal and cruel, a youngster on his first day at a new school is assaulted for not having the money to pay off his school bullies, a student is harassed and brutally manhandled for the mere fact of wearing a new pair of shoes to school. Teenagers yet in school accused of rape and sexual violence".
It is reported that watching wrestling could be one of the reasons. In America, teen violence is also linked with volatile music. The Guardian dated 16th February 2007 blames it on cheap arms availability and local rivalries. "Recent Home Office research says illegal firearms are becoming increasingly accessible to younger offenders, who appear more likely to use them recklessly. The possession of these illegal firearms - some bought for 50 - leads to "shoot or be shot" situations, even when the events precipitating conflict are trivial".
Same Guardian published a curious article on 14th September 2003: Feeding children a diet rich in fish could prevent violent and anti-social behaviour in their teens, according to research to be announced this week which suggests the root causes of crime may be biological rather than social. This view was seconded by The Observer.
Psychologists agree that instability during teens is part of identity establishment, and attitudes could be habit-forming. "Attitudes formed during the stage of identity formation that occurs during adolescence are likely to be long-lasting, even permanent, and to exert a great influence on behaviour," McCarthy and Hutz (2006, p.vii). In recent times, extreme violence has been shown by the teen groups. They kicked a mentally challenged person to death, killed a man who was merely defending his car and property, and there were gang wars, resulting in a number of teenage killings. A teenager was shot for not parting with his games console.
There are many connected issues and themes here. Bullying could be the reason and result both. Showing off usually happens after watching highly violent movies and television where utter violence is glorified. A rather appalling point exists here. If a teenage gang attacks a person, how could all of them be of the same opinion How could they all be tuned to the same psychological violence There can be an easy answer that says 'they are part of the same violent gang and naturally the mind-set is the same'. It can be the same up to a certain extent; otherwise they would not be together. But beyond that point, the cracks have to show. At least some teenagers, either due to reputation fear, parental admonition, teacher intimidation or even the police and jail future, should show reluctance in killing a person. In the recent cases, this reluctance of some members did not show and that is a very negative point which shows that the teen violence mindset has reached an uncontrollable limit and society/authorities should notice this trend.
Another theme is drug/alcohol sometimes mixed with wild sex. Sex is rather rare in these cases, but cannot be ruled out completely. Drug and alcohol usually exist in every case. The teenage unavailability of drugs and alcohol could be overcome very easily with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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