Sociology conflict theory - Essay Example

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Conflict theory shows us that the society or organization functions so that each individual member of the group and the groups themselves fight a day to day survival of the fittest struggle to maximize their benefits. This will surely contribute to social change such as changes in politics and revolutions…
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Sociology conflict theory
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"Sociology conflict theory"

Download file to see previous pages We have seen many theories of society that will help explain to us why some people act this way or that way. These many theories try to explain why person is sad or mad or glad or a just a plain old dad. The essence of conflict theory is best epitomized by the classic 'pyramid structure' in which an elite dictates terms to the larger masses. All major institutions, laws, and traditions in the society are designed to support those who have traditionally been in power, or the groups that are perceived to be superior in the society according to this theory. This can also be expanded to include any society's 'morality' and by extension their definition of deviance. Anything that challenges the control of the elite will likely be considered 'deviant' or 'morally reprehensible.' The theory can be applied on both the macro level (like the US government or Soviet Russia, historically) or the micro level (a church organization or school club). In summary, conflict theory seeks to catalogue the ways in which those in power seek to stay in power. Conflict theory as described in the first paragraph above, says that every day is a struggling into position in order to climb the tree of life. It can be applied to our daily lives when we as individuals try to out do and outshine our fellow competitors, as this is what is happening in the business world, or our sibling brothers and sisters as we try to get the attention of our parents. Conflict theory occurs when the goals of or benchmark one or more persons runs in conflict with the other persons' goals or benchmark. For example, four of us, classmates, are vying for the coveted title as Class valedictorian in high school. Now since only one of us will be the class valedictorian in the same year in the same school, then each of us will do whatever its takes, and in rare instances to win illegally. My goal will run in conflict with the goal of the other three classmate friends of mine. Therefore, I must outdo them by hook or crook.
This is the essence of conflict theory. It is epitomized by the pyramid structure theory where the more you climb to the top of the pyramid, the lesser there is to move around. The person at the top , a king, a ruler, an emperor, a class valedictorian, a president, a major, or governor and the like functions, will his or her best to strike at anytime who tries to go near his throne for fear that he or she will be replaced. To the person on top of the pyramid, any person that climbs near him or her is considered an enemy that must be disposed of immediately for being so deviant.

How is it practical
Conflict theory is practical because man was born with the instinct of the animals, being a part of the animal kingdom himself or herself. Without challenges in life, life would be very boring. It is being practical to impose the conflict theory because the lazy ones will have to strive harder to compete with other persons in order to survive. For example when the high school graduate applies for job, he or she has to compete with two hundred other applications for the same job. We can also choose not to join with the conflict and just let the competitors get the prized throne or crown and then just prefer to be his or her loyal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nevertheless, conflict theory incited the creation of the whole communist world, initiated Cold War and some other international disagreements, so it was too great extent prophetic. The present paper is designed to discuss this renowned approach to social functioning in terms of academic insights, made by its developers.

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