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In the paper “The father-infant relationship” the author analyzes a role of father in bringing up a healthy and with-almost perfect attitude of a child. Their relationships alone with their kids are found to have a profound effect to the child’s psychological, social, emotional and intellectual state.
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The father-infant relationship
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Fathers play a very important role in bringing up a healthy and with-almost perfect attitude of a child. Their relationships alone with their kids - from their infancy years to adulthood - are found to have a profound effect to the child's psychological, social, emotional and intellectual state.
Factors that affect the father-infant relationships are (Anderson, 1996):
Father's adjustment with his works coupled with the adjustment with his wife and new kid
Father's relationship with his own father
Wife's informational and emotional support
The above-stated information are presented in the journal entitles "Factors Influencing the Father-Infant Relationship". The journal is a study conducted the factors that affect the father-infant relationship. It subjected 14 fathers, who are all English-speaking and first-time fathers. Fathers were all responsive enough. They were very willing to share information about their feelings and perceptions towards their new-born first baby. Further probing with them revealed their plans for the baby and the wife, plus their ideas on how they will help in taking care of the baby.
This over-all research undertaking is managed properly. One factor that helps in the successful analysis of the results is the fact that it is linked with the nurses' point of view. Nurses, like the researcher, have various first-hand experiences with both the father and the mother of the babies born in the hospitals. Nurses witness and understand the varied flow of emotions coming in and out of the fathers as they welcome their new born babies. It is in this regard that the research study has been conducted and facilitated successfully.
This journal is a very informative one. It can provide ample information to both the fathers and the mothers - aspiring ones or even those who already are. Because of this study, they will be able to understand more each other's need, desires and parenting issues. This study will also provide ideas on how fathers can enhance and/or tighten their relationship with the infants.
As an over all analysis, this paper does not only provide information about the factors that affects the father-infant relationship. This paper is also a clear reflection of how important the role of both the father and the mother plays in bringing up and healthy and normal child.
This paper has indeed reiterated the fact that parenting is not a one-sided relationship. Both the father and the mother of the child have a role to play in managing the home and the entire family life. More so, the paper has also proven the idea that what the father taught and showed to his kids while they were young are the exact learning that they will share with their own kids in the future.

Anderson M. 1996. "Factors Influencing the Father Infant Relationship". Journal of Family Nursing. 2(3), 306-324. Read More
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