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Music and Cognitive Sciences - Essay Example

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The paper answers a following question: " What psychological functions does music fulfill for individuals, and for the societies in which they live? "…
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Music and Cognitive Sciences
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Extract of sample "Music and Cognitive Sciences"

Download file to see previous pages Music is a human construct and varies according to the culture, region, language and mood. There cannot be any music without human initiative and involvement and it is universal. Music has existed even before the dawn of any civilisation not only with humans, but also with animals and birds. Music prevailed in many forms and shapes and in almost all the occasions like mate selection, courtship, social cohesion, group co-ordination, army exercises, conflict reduction, pacifying anger, stimulating patriotism and religiosity etc. in all kinds of living beings. It has been part of celebrations, funerals and tragedies and venerations. There is no occasion, where music could not reach. Music does not need language or meanings at times. Even without them, music is capable of reaching the human hearts. Music’s main function as a source of communication not only between the singer/musicians and audience, but also between audience and audience and hence between individual and society has never been denied. There is no parallel to music in maintaining communication. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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