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This report aims to present the significance of personal development in Counselors training. I am currently training to be a Counselor in Cognitive behavior. The book by Hazel Johns called Personal development in training counselors has inspired me so much in knowing the importance of personal development…
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Personal Development in Counselling Training
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Personal development is believed to be essential in Counselor training. Although it is noted in the book by Hazel Johns that personal development is the least acknowledge and most intangible. We will find out why as we go along with the discussion. I believed there are numerous benefits to support its importance. In the training group of counselors, the following are just few of the many reasons on the importance of personal development such as, understanding myself better, finding my hang-ups, building skills with people, learning about my weaknesses, developing my strengths, growing up, finding out what blocks my learning and my counseling, liking myself more, reaching my potential as a person and as a counselor, becoming aware. These are just few questions of knowing oneself. Counselor training is the process to attain self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-awareness. Carl Rogers believed that this process of personal development is essential element of the individual efforts to be come himself. I completely agree with the importance of personal development in counselors training.
First, we have to consider that Personal development is the basic component in Counselor training. To be a Counselor is like a Teacher. Before you can effectively teach your students, you must be well equipped with knowledge on the subject you are going to teach. Another skill a teacher or a counselor should have is people management. To be able to handle or manage your students very well, you must know the techniques in psychology and that is how to deal various personalities as well as dealing various situations. In becoming a Teacher, One must evaluate him/her self, am I capable of being such Just like in counseling, a counselor should be emotionally stable and has the capacity to listen to his/ her clients without any hesitation, and also a counselor can effectively lead the client to a solution of the problem. The key question of a Counselor is, 'who am I and who can I be for others' the counselor should realize that her/his 'self' is her/his principal tool/ instrument. In counseling, most of the time our approach is client-centered and it's a must for a Counselor to have the listening skills because you don't do the talking all the time unless necessary. Like the teacher, a counselor must have the skill to evaluate oneself as to who, what and why am I (When teachers face themselves, Jersild 1955) In counseling, one must have self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-understanding and most especially self-acceptance. These are crucial tools when helping others in counseling and be able to manage it efficiently. In Counselor training, it is more on self-understanding or knowing thyself first before knowing others and that results to personal growth and awareness. If personal growth and awareness are so significant in education, so is in counseling.
Let us also define personal development. It is basically improving oneself. If a person is unhappy with his/ her lives for whatever reason, there must be a way to change it. Oftentimes it requires change. It may be a change in career, a situation, or simply a change of the way people think. Change only happens when a person has the willingness to do it. It is also believed that a person has the capacity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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