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Training employees as a cashier - Personal Statement Example

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Accomplishing an organizations goal and conducting a needs assessment is very fundamental to the fulfillment, and success of any training of employees. The needs of all employees are necessary before training because it helps identify problems in the organization. In addition to…
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Training employees as a cashier
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Extract of sample "Training employees as a cashier"

Needs Assessment and Evaluation Analysis Accomplishing an organizations goal and conducting a needs assessment is very fundamental to the fulfillment, and success of any training of employees. The needs of all employees are necessary before training because it helps identify problems in the organization. In addition to that, it enables the organization to obtain proper support from the management since the training affects the management department directly. Another importance of needs analysis before training is to develop data that will later be used for evaluation which will help the trainers to measure the programs effectiveness. Furthermore; it will help determine all the benefits and costs of the training process which later allows the management to put cost as a priority during training.
Person analysis
This targets individual employees’ performance and uses information from any employee to determine the programme that will be used for training. In this case, the employees revealed some deficiencies of the organization which triggered the fact that training could be of used to meet their performance standards. Data was gathered through questionnaire which showed that each department was to have its own training to cater for the requirements of all the employees of the company. The employees were not satisfied with the training they had received because they felt that all issues were not addressed.
Task analysis
Task analysis starts with each employee knowing the requirement of their jobs thus comparing knowledge and skills of all the employees to know the training needs of all the employees. During the training, the job analysis based on the skills and knowledge of all the employees is determined. Employees are told his or her area of specialization and the tasks that are to be performed.Moreover, the conditions for the tasks are to be well stipulated and show the employees when and how the tasks will be performdd.the employees should know the importance of quality performance and not necessarily basing on the quantity of the job (Gupta, 6).
Organizational analysis
This determines the departments that training is needed, and the conditions under which the whole trainining will be held. The HR department and the management should know the future skills needed to improve the performance of the employees. This will help them comply with the affirmative actions, and guidelines. The labor pool should be looked at critically in order for the incorporate all people regardless of gender differences to the workforce. The laws that govern the organization may sometimes dictate the needs of training, but with instructions on how to work harmoniously in the organization without same –sex discriminations.
Data collection methods
In this case, the information was gathered using questionnaire, interview, documentation, and group focus. Questionnaire was used where by questions were used where by the employees gave answers without fear or any form of embarasment.The method also made it is easier for the data to be collected, summarized and later reported before the training. The interviews were conducted casually which in turn uncovered the problems in the organization, the attitudes of all the employees towards the management and lastly the possible solutions of the problems. Interviews also allow immediate feedback thus rich data. Another method used in the data collection is observation. The behavior of the employees after answering questions yielded both qualitative and quantitative feedback. It also helped to ensure that the work flow was not interrupted.
Focus groups’ method was widely used where by a specific problem was looked at in the company thus allowing interaction among people and viewpoints. The employees were grouped which enhanced their listening skills and improved their problem solving techniques.Finally, documentation method was used in the company to collect data which included the records of employees and the minutes from all the meetings. This was basically to give clues on the major problems in the company.
Work cited
Gupta Kavita .A Practical guide to Needs Assessment: Essential knowledge resource. London: Pfeiffer, 2007.Print. Read More
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