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Constructing A Non-Depressed Self - Article Example

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The study is about the depression that starts being part of the nature in a women personality. This study completely focuses on different acts and reasons which makes the women feel depress and this depression when in excess leads to a psychotic result upon the personality…
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Constructing A Non-Depressed Self
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Extract of sample "Constructing A Non-Depressed Self"

Download file to see previous pages Medically if notice, menstruation process every month changes the daily routine, few things not to do like stay away from the water, have less water a day to drink, eat light food rather than rich ones while people are enjoying their lives simply and easily. Similarly, pregnancy, childbirth and insecurity of being alone or any thing around makes tense reacting as in bad feeling and frustration in nature. Well proved, men are more likely to adopt a problem-focused style where as women tend to engage in a more emotion-focused style. This is more to veracity, that women are affiliated with the world around her with love and affection. Her loving and caring nature is the vital attributes of nature to pull them towards tension and stress. A good mother, an ideal wife, concerned sister and a responsible daughter is always worried for their homes, for the food they let their related men eat in time so that they can be filled enough to work whole day and rest whole night properly. Sometimes, while sharing the problems of men, they realize how bad the current position is and thinks a lot to help their men in different ways. For this fact, evidence may be best, that depression among women are attributed to a tendency among women to respond passively to stress by ruminating on their problem rather than taking action. Some thinks logically and some illogically, it no matter the intelligence but the care to feel concern about them and their problems underneath them with stress and anxiety.

2) Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments and evidence presented by the paper.

No doubt the paper is full of different arguments and their evidences through either reality of life or via ideas and quotes of the different female writers. They proved that in a very interminable way by explaining every act of women in real life. This paper makes it strength by number of quotes and thoughts from other writer, which face and experience the facts through nearby in their lives. No only this but it makes it stronger hen the paper details about an experiment held upon few people. The paper describes all to make it clear and proving the reality and fact how the experiment held Who were involved How they caught in the net of depression and especially what was the way out of recover Where every thing was explained, the experiment weakens up, when analyst recruit the people who recover all above fifties. As at the age of fifty, women themselves get mature and get the sense how to keep them selves out of depression as till then most of the women get into some medications and diseases which tends them to stay healthy by staying away from stress. Though, the analyst should select in equal quantity of the ages, who are graduating in universities get mad upon the unsustainable routine of handling the tuff life of studies and household work. The experiment didn't cover the stress of females due their married sons and their attitudes. This weakens up the study however it strengthens with the discourse analysis done with respect to psychology traditions. The use of fine-grain methodology was good ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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