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Comprehensive Health Assessment - Case Study Example

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1. Patient outline: This comprehensive health assessment is about a patient who would be referred as Ms. G throughout this assignment. For the reason of confidentiality, the identity of Ms. G. would not be revealed. It is, however, to be noted that this writer has sought consent from Ms…
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Comprehensive Health Assessment
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Extract of sample "Comprehensive Health Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages It was decided that this examiner approaches her. Ms. G. consented to this process immediately and was very cooperative. A comprehensive nursing assessment was completed using two assessment tools, one interview tool and the other, an objective data collection tool.
Ms. G is a 17-year-old high school senior, referred for evaluation after she attempted suicide with an overdose of pills. Earlier on the night of the suicide attempt, she had a fight with her mother over a request to order pizza. Ms. G remembers her mother saying that she was a "spoiled brat" and asking whether she would be happier living elsewhere. Ms. G, feeling rejected and despondent, went to her room and wrote a note saying that she was having a mental breakdown and that she loved her parents but could not communicate with them. She added a request that her favourite glass animals be given to a particular friend. The parents, who had gone out to a movie, returned home later that evening to find their daughter comatose and immediately rushed her to the hospital Accident and Emergency.
During the last couple of months, Ms. G had been crying frequently and had lost interest in her friends, school, and social activities. She had been eating more and more and had recently begun to gain weight, which her mother is very unhappy about. Ms. G says that her mother is always harping about taking care of herself. The argument on the night of her suicide attempt was about Ms. G's desire to order a pizza that her mother did not think she needed. The mother reports her daughter's recent increase in sleep and also reports that she never wants to go out with her friends or help around the house. When questioned about changes in her sleep habits, Ms. G admits that she has been feeling very tired lately and that she often feels as if there is nothing to make it worth getting out of bed. Upon evaluation, it is apparent that Ms. G, the third of three children of upper-middle-class and very intelligent parents, is struggling with a view of herself as less bright, clever, and attractive than her two siblings. She feels ignored and essentially rejected by her mother and the other sisters. Ms. G is having difficulty developing a sense of separation from her mother and an individual sense of identity. She experiences her mother's directives as interference with her efforts to express autonomy and independence.
A thorough drug history was taken, and she was not on any at the time of episode. She denied any history of abusive drug use or alcohol intake. Upon presentation to the Accident and Emergency, she was immediately resuscitated and was admitted to the intensive care unit. Upon stabilization, she was transferred to the mental health unit with a diagnosing of major depression with suicidal attempt, and while she was improving on therapy, I decided to approach her to undertake a comprehensive nursing assessment in order to complete this assignment. It is to be noted that, from the records, it is evident that numerous investigations have been undertaken to rule out any medical illness in this patient.
2. Data collection process
While undertaking the data collection, it was decided that the data collection will happen through two assessment tools, one interview and another objective data collection tool. The interview ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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