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Piaget was a believer in children being active learners, and that natural curiosity would cause them to investigate and learn about certain objects, people, and life. My niece is a prime example of an active learner. At age 6 months, she began to crawl. Now, at age two and a half, she is curious to know what is in cabinets…
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Child Development and Learning
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Download file to see previous pages An example of meaningful context would be telling a child to place the puzzle piece in a specific spot and why they are doing it. Giving meaning to a task with an explanation will help the child to place the task into a human context, according to Margaret Donaldson.
Barbara Rogoff's work of investigating the teaching and learning processes within family settings and schools is important in the childhood development field. Children in most instances have the same family for life and how they interact within this structure helps determine how they will go out into the world. Praising the child for being an active learner continues into the real world setting - and they will continue to educate themselves because they love it. Scolding a child while they are learning can turn them into a timid and poor student. The child brings learning experiences in family structure to school and eventually to work settings.
While reading Judy Dunn's work about social development in children, three things stuck with me. First, relationships begin early in children, as early as toddler. Second, friendships are emotional support for children, and can help them with learning coping skills to assist through transitions of their life. Lastly, children are away from home and family so much now, that friendships assist with how they view the world, helps them build cognitive and social development skills.
The one thing about her work that surprised me was speaking about emotions and their causes with children aids in their understanding how the mind works.
Importance of talk
Talking to children, not only about emotions but also about everything is important to their learning. Language is part of daily life and ideally incorporated into a child's life before they are born. Piaget stated children adapt to their environment; Bruner considered child development based on social interaction; Vygotsky believed language supports children in higher mental processes and higher intellectual ability; and Rogoff's child development theory foundation is an apprenticeship through family interaction. No matter which theory you read, the spoken language is important to a child's development, both mentally and socially.
Task 3: Nature versus Nurture
Nature versus nurture is an argument, which has been used as scientific blather for decades. Nature's argument is everything we are we inherit from our parents. Our parents' neurosis is ours and our laugh is just like our mother. Nurture's argument is our environment, people, places and events influence us. Our life is lived by how we react to the world. Each side believes their theory correct, and many studies done to prove their point.
Even with all the studies, child development theorists concur nature and nurture interacts to produce a characteristic and specific traits. They work in tandem and not as opposing forces. Children will inherit certain things from their parents - a DNA strand holds many keys to a specific trait, habit, developmental challenge, or even a mental illness.
The most frequently used nature versus nurture argument is the origin of homosexuality. Many scientists and theologians believe homosexuals learn how to be gay - no scientific or biological ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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