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History of Phychology - Essay Example

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This essay illustrates as to why and how the history of psychology serves to be a unifying field in studying the development of psychology. The researcher of this essay states that it traces the perpetuation of racist attitudes and a history of events inspired by Galton to measure intelligence…
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History of Phychology
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Extract of sample "History of Phychology"

Download file to see previous pages It was during this time that Francis Galton, a man who was greatly influenced by Charles Darwin, discovered the classic argument of 'nature verses nurture' and
was the first to utilize survey as a method for data collection. He was greatly interested in studying the variations in human ability and was convinced that superior qualities were passed down from parent to offspring through heredity. Through this he coined the term 'eugenics' and believed the human race could be improved through controlling the attributes received from parent to child (3).
Further along in history and we have great minds such as Wilhelm Wundt who is often referred to as the 'Founder of Modern Psychology'. A man who made great advances in the field of Experimental Psychology. Wundt created the tool of introspection and used it in order to gain a further understanding of the human mind and how it reacted and experienced different stimuli (3).
Charles Spearman, one of Wundt's students, also had a great impact on the efforts to measure human intelligence as he became the known as the father of the classical test theory. Spearman suggested that intelligence is generated by a single quality which he named the 'general factor'. He was able to demonstrate that scores on all mental tests could be correlated through a set of variables. This test continues to be one of the most popular tools in current intelligence research (3).
On a separate front, L.L. Thurstone later confronted Spearman's 'general factor' with his own 'theory of primary mental abilities. This theory stated that, instead of intelligence coming from one main ability, it came from seven separate ones. The seven abilities including: word...
The researcher of this essay states that when looking at the history of psychology, all its advances and drawbacks, it's easy to see why this is a highly fragmented field of study. Most of the greatly noted psychologists seem to advance their field of study only by ignoring and denying all other possibilities. This is cause for concern, demonstrated by the researcher since most of these people seemed to wage conflict upon each other. The latter part of the essay analyzes and discusses the perpetuation of racist attitudes in the western societies and sheds light on how psychological research. The last part of the essay looks at the dilemma of the minorities and women in the nineteenth century – a time when gender and racist biased barred many from higher education in psychology. Drawing the conclusion, the researcher states that it is possible to use the many historical disagreements among pioneering psychologist to the advantage of the development of the field by unifying them for a singular purpose. Such as the several approaches in measuring intelligence, that were discussed in the essay. It is also noted by the researcher that the relation of psychology in instigating racist attitudes is certain much owing to the methodology adopted by the European and White North American psychologists. Such racism issue, demonstrated in the essay was at one time heightened with its manifestation resulting in creating obstacle for the minoriies and women to obtain higher education in psychology.
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