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Social Welfare Name: Course Instructor: Date: Introduction The Medicaid program was created in 1965 and it was designed to hospital and healthcare bills such as prescription drugs maternity dialysis and other services for parents, children, frail senior citizens and people with disabilities or earning little or no income (Jansson, 2012)…
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Download file to see previous pages Medicaid is often confused with Medicare which is a social insurance program sponsored purely from a centralized level and which mainly emphases on the older population which is just a part of what Medicaid does. Medicare targets individuals over 65 years of age or those below but suffering certain disabilities and anyone with end stage renal conditions irrespective of age. Another major difference is that medic aid’s eligibility is solely based on low income while in Medicare people from all income groups are eligible. Social Significance The significance of Medicaid’s role in the American social scene cannot be overstated; owing to the high unemployment and corresponding poverty rates, many American would be locked out of health insurance but for the program. It is not tailored to solve any single social problem although from a critical examination one can deduce the main objectives. These include, in no particular order; promoting social equality and access to healthcare, ensuring economic stability of societies by availing affordable care and protecting millions of venerable Americans from the social economic and health risk that arises when one lack medical cover. Medicaid plays a decidedly significant role in promoting social equality by ensuring that irrespective of one’s financial position, they have access to good health care and people do not end up ailing at home or getting poor quality care based on their economic situation. As the main public health insurance program for low income earners, it provides health cover for over 39 million children and families, and long term care for people with disabilities and other health issues, in addition it caters for over 6 million low income elderly people (Moss, n.d). This is a critical social health role since without it, it is estimated that over a quarter of Americas children would have no access to health insurance and many of the groups mentioned above would also be forced to pay for treatment from their own pockets which could easily translate to no treatment at all owing to their financial incapability. Before it was launched, the low-income earners could not access the services offered in the private sector but after its institution, it purchases services for the poor in these healthcare facilities, which would otherwise be beyond their means. Furthermore, when children are unable to afford healthcare owing to lack of health insurance, they will be likely to miss school for long periods owing to their ill health that can potentially result in academic decline. Consequently, they will be unlikely to achieve the academic success necessary for them to get a better life for themselves and the cycle of poverty may persist as they are forced to drop out of school. In addition, the program plays a crucial role in economic stabilization especially during time of recession or after losing their jobs since many Americans are often unable to continue with their health plans either because they were provided by the employer or they can no longer afford the premiums. Without Medicaid, such individuals would be forced to foot their medical bills not to mention the care of their; children, aged parents and/or disabled dependents. Medicaid thus acts as a cushion for families and individual in hard financial time protecting them from the effects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SOCIAL WELFARE Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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