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This paper aims to investigate the qualitative reasoning. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. Qualitative reasoning deals with the creation of representations for features that have little information that can aide reasoning. …
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Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages These future prospects help in deciding the appropriate action based on the options that qualitative reasoning reveals (Shi, 2011). Information of high resolution helps make certain conclusions, but low resolution information helps reveal robust conclusions. Qualitative representation presents knowledge that can easily be taken in by people from different walks of life. Compositionality helps bring together representations for diverse features of an occurrence in order to come up with a whole representation of the occurrence. This is instrumental in formalizing the process of modeling used in qualitative reasoning. A significant number of Artificial Intelligence devices articulate information concerning a given object that carries out few tasks. Engineers and scientists use knowledge that utilizes laws and principles that can be applied variously in regards to the devices they explain and functions in which they can be used (Davis, 2008). Status abstraction is the representation with the lowest resolution. It is used to represent the normality of a quantity. It is classified as the representation that is the weakest of all, and that expresses the functionality of something. The sign algebra expresses whether a continuous parameter is positive or negative. Sign algebra is used in qualitative reasoning concerning dynamics such as the expression of stability and oscillation. It is followed by representation of continuous values using ordinal relations (Parsons, 2001). This is called quantity space representation. For instance, it is used in representing the temperature of a give fluid by considering how the freezing point of its constituent material relates with its boiling point. Quantity space equally supports qualitative...
Qualitative reasoning and analysis have helped me choose and shape my dissertation topic approach. The course has been of particular importance in helping me to understand the concept of behavior. Initially, when I was conceptualizing my dissertation topic approach, I had not understood behavior clearly. The course made this very simple for me to understand as I now know that behavior refers to a set of qualitative states that occur over a given duration. One can use either qualitative or quantitative knowledge or both to describe the behavior. Quantitative continuous parameters bring the idea of trajectory in a state-space model, in the respective numerical features of behavior.
The course has also enriched my understanding of histories. Histories define the extent to which a given feature varies in a given duration. The histories of all constituent features and individuals are what make up behavior. In the situation calculus, histories are the dual of individual situations. Histories are bound by space and extend temporarily. Situations, on the other hand, are temporarily bound, but they enjoy global space. Simulation algorithms based on histories are more efficient relative to simulation algorithm based on state. This is because simulation algorithms based on histories do not need to consider information that is irrelevant. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/psychology/1493939-qualitative-reasoning-and-analysis.
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