Social Psychology Concepts in the Movie Mean Girls - Essay Example

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The paper analyzes the movie Mean Girls that effectively depicted high school life experiences elicit a wide variety of issues and emotions that contribute to one’s personality development. It illustrates the concepts of the “framing effect”, the “Polyanna principle” and the “Attribution theory”…
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Social Psychology Concepts in the Movie Mean Girls
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"Social Psychology Concepts in the Movie Mean Girls"

Download file to see previous pages From the research it can be comprehended that in the movie, framing was applied to behaviors instead of words. Some characters behaved in accordance to how some situations were previously framed. Janis, the queen bee, Regina George’s ex-best friend was framed to be a lesbian, because they had a falling out in their relationship. Since Regina was an influential character in the movie, Janis simply had to be rejected by most of the students. Cady, the lead character, framed herself to be weak in Math although she is a genius in the subject in order to attract Aaron, a boy she likes, thinking being smarter than he is will not make him like her. She also revealed to him later that she was not allowed to talk to him because he was Regina’s “property”, being her ex-boyfriend. In this case, Aaron was framed to be off-limits to Regina’s friends. The framing effect may be used to manipulate the way information is presented and made to be perceived in order to influence decision making and judgment of another person. In the examples, the situations were framed in such a way that the characters behaved based on how they interpreted the situations, which may somehow be designed by another person expecting such behavior from them. Another social psychology concept is the “Polyanna principle” based on a character in a best-selling novel that has become a literary classic. Polyanna is a young, naïve, optimistic girl who influences others to always think on the bright side no matter what (Porter, 1913). One exercise which reflected the Pollyana principle in class was demo 1-5. Students were asked to think of 10 vegetables and then to rank them from 1-10 based on their preference. This pushed the fact that even if most of them did not like vegetables, there are still some that they like more than others, unleashing the positive qualities of certain vegetables. It would have been a lot easier if the students were asked to rank their favorite foods since these are all inherently positive for them. Another exercise for demo 1-5 is thinking of 10 antonym word pairs. After noting them all down, the students were asked to check which word they wrote first, the positive or the negative word. More optimistic people tend to write the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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