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Outline and evaluate research relating to conformity - Essay Example

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Conformity According to Bordens and Horowitz (2013), conformity is a behavior change based on the influence of other people’s behavior. Changes in a person’s behavior can happen if the influence is physically present or imagined. Conformity is also a response to peer pressure in cases like teasing and bullying…
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Outline and evaluate research relating to conformity
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Extract of sample "Outline and evaluate research relating to conformity"

Download file to see previous pages Frank was convinced that the man on trial was guilty just because other jurors presented the same verdict. Based on the evidence presented at the court the man on trial was innocent and at the beginning Frank had agreed based on evidence presented. Later the end of the trial, Frank changed his verdict saying that the man was guilty. This is because the other juror had presented the same verdict, therefore Frank was convinced by other jurors and thus seen as an act of conformity. The juror changed his verdict based on influence of another group. Types of conformity Conformity arises because people have different behaviors, knowledge and capacity of doing things. Because of this, people try to behave like them so they can fit into that group to gain their needs and desires. In addition, conformity is because of the need to stay in the group where one is in, in other words, they do not want to deviate and look different because he or she might be seen as a fool. McLeod (2007) present types of conformity; they are normative conformity, informational conformity and Ingratiational conformity. This article is focusing on normative and informational conformity. According to the author, normative conformity happens because a person responds to group needs to be part of group. Additionally, a person would not want to be seen by others as an outsider and be eliminated by the group members. The author explains further that in this type of conformity the person’s does not accept the group’s actions in his mind but he or she physically shows that he accepts what is going on. Kassin et al. (2011), explains that in this type of conformity, a person does not want to show the difference he has from others because of the consequences which might fall onto her, like being banished in the group. The author shows that such consequences bind the person to stand for the norms of the group because cases of rejection are hurting and a person would not want to happen to him or her. Informational conformity this type of conformity is based on the capacity of a person to work on something this forces the person to search for a group to get knowledge. This also happens when a person want certain situation to be solved. In this case the group help in solving unclear situation. In this type of conformity, the person takes on the values of the group. A person is pushed to adopt this type of conformity because of lack of knowledge showing that knowledge is the main idea in this conformity (McLeod 2007). Crisp and Turner (2010) explains that in this type of conformity both public and private life of a person change making it different from normative conformity. The fact is the person is using the group influence to attain his or her wants and as a guidance. This shows that informational conformity is the act of getting information from others. Example in situations where one is met confusing situation they look for others to solve such unclear circumstance. Describe why people conform and explain how different types of social influence may result in different types of conformity. From the study it is clearly seen that conformity happens in certain groups. From this, it is seen that groups conform so that they can decide on what they need to do. People conform in order to avoid negative behavior towards them by others. Crisp and Turner (2010) explains that a person accepts the group behavior in order to avoid rejection from the group. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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