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Binge Eating: An Analysis and Discussion into Its Determinants and Effects - Research Paper Example

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 This paper focuses on psychological discovery and understanding of a range of human disorders and psychological manifestations. Evidence of this can be seen with regards to the way that bulimia, anorexia, ADHD, and Aspergers has come to be defined and understood. …
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Binge Eating: An Analysis and Discussion into Its Determinants and Effects
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Extract of sample "Binge Eating: An Analysis and Discussion into Its Determinants and Effects"

Download file to see previous pages Without going into a range of details, evidence of this can be seen with regards to the way that bulimia, anorexia, ADHD, and Aspergers has come to be defined and understood. Naturally, this is not to say that each of the entities of the aforementioned list is somehow comparable; rather, it merely denotes the fact that psychological discovery and understanding of a range of human disorders and psychological manifestations has been realized. The following analysis will use as a specific example of this development the way in which the heating has come to be recognized as a discernible psychological disorder that, like many of the psychological disorders listed above, can be treated, and oftentimes ultimately reversed. As a means of understanding been heating to a more full and complete degree, the following analysis will present a preliminary discussion of how it was initially understood, the means through which is evidenced, some of the side effects that it engenders, and the ways in which medical professionals are seeking to limit the impacts of with regards to treatment, pharmacological interventions, and counseling. Originally, binge eating was merely understood as a type of disorder that was caused as a result of a complete breakdown in the lack of self-control that individual might otherwise exhibit. As might be expected, this particular definition and understanding of binge eating began to crumble as medical professionals and psychologists alike began to understand the true motivating causes behind why binge eating would take place. Within the current era is understood that a great many causes could be the reason for why an individual might engage in binge eating (Rehfeldt, 2011). A number of studies have indicated that prior levels of dietary constraints, or an occurrence in which a particular lack of nutrition and/or food existed within the life of the individual, promotes the likelihood that binge eating will ultimately take place at some point within the lifetime of the individual in question. Another component of binge eating that has recently been understood is with regards to those individuals who oftentimes go on extreme diets as a means of losing a vast weight and/or preparing the particular role, life as a model, or some other aspect of personal appearance. What is been noted is that these individuals are at a greatly increased likelihood of developing binge eating is sort are due to the fact that their body and psychology settles into a state of mind that the hardship and/or starvation diet that they might be undergoing it anyone given time will merely lead to a period in which they can once again court themselves and prepare for the future level hardship that may await them if they choose to go back on the diet and/or lifestyle that originally prompted this choice (Schlinger & Normand, 2013). As a means of understanding this, one need not delve too deeply into the world of psychology. What is meant by this is the fact that evolutionary biology explains the way in which the human body seeks to store up energy reserves, that, and nutrients for such a time that these resources may not be available to them (McIntyre et al., 2007). This is very much an evolutionary and psychologically ingrained aspect of human nature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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