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Comprehensive Theoretical Analysis of charachter (Callope Stephanides) from the book Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, - Case Study Example

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Comprehensive Theoretical Analysis Name: University: Instructor: Date Table of Contents 1.1. Identifying information 3 1.12. Family origins 3 1.12. Presenting Issues 4 1.12. Biological Development 5 1.12. Psychological Development 5 1.12. Social Development 6 2.0 Identity Formation 6 3.0 Environmental Risk and Challenges 9 4.0 Resilience and Empowerment 11 References 14 1.1…
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Comprehensive Theoretical Analysis of charachter (Callope Stephanides) from the book Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides,
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"Comprehensive Theoretical Analysis of charachter (Callope Stephanides) from the book Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides,"

Download file to see previous pages At the time of narration, he is working as an employee for the state department and he is dating an Asian woman Julie Kichukuchi, it is partly through his explanations that the reader gets to overhear much of the details. The story is narrated in a series of intertwined present events and flashbacks in which the readers read about Cal’s contemporaneous life but he keeps referring to his childhood and even the period before he was born. 1.12. Family origins Cal’s grandparents, Desdemona and Lefty Stephanides are siblings, who lived in turkey working as farmers, when war erupts, they are forced to flee and escape the atrocities as cities are burnt down and hundreds are killed. However, thanks to Lefty’s courage and intelligence, they run away to Greece and from there they board an America bound ship. On board, they both discover they are in love with each other; they play out a courtship and act as if they had just met since they realized no one on the boat knew them. Before the get to America, they formalize their consanguineous relationship in a Greek orthodox ceremony conducted by and unknowing priest. In America, they contact their cousin Lina and reveal their secret, she keeps it because she also has one, and she is a closet lesbian. Lefty gets a job at the Ford Auto company with the help of Jimmy, Lina’s husband and the two couples live in the same house in Detroit. One night after watching a sexually charged performance of the Greek classic the monitor night, both couples have sex and conceive. However, Jimmy suspects that his wife is having an affair with her cousin and when he calls him out to threaten him, he slips on a patch of ice and vanishes assumed dead. The children who were conceived simultaneously, Milton and Tessie are born and grow into young adults, Cal’s parents, the cousins are attracted to each other and despite their families attempt to separate them, they fight for their love and ultimately they are allowed to marry. Milton takes over Lefty’s business, he and his sister/wife Desdemona lives with them in an extended family. Tessie and Milton beget, Chapter Eleven, who is Cal’s elder brother and afterword’s Cal comes along. 1.12. Presenting Issues The couple had been hoping for a girl child so much such that they tried to influence the birth by copulating only at specific when her temperatures are just right for a girl. For the first time, Desdemona’s prediction is proved wrong- she had correctly predicted the sexes of all other previous children using a traditional spoon spinning technique. Cal explains that all of his 23 chromosomes are in perfect working order except for a pair concealed in chromosome number 5, which caused this condition “…Together, they siphon off an enzyme, which stops the production of a certain hormone, which complicates my life” (Eugenides, 2002). Medically speaking, during fetal growth, a deficiency of steroid 5alpha-reductase action can lead to an underproduction in DHT and the result is unfinished masculinization of the external genitalia. The child is pronounced a girl by the family doctor who was too busy eyeing his nurse to notice the small penis concealed inside the vagina, which meant he was inflicted with a condition, called 5-Alpha-Reductase Pseudohermaphrodites. 1.12. Biological Development Callie lived the first years of her life as a girl but the turning point came when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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