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Social work- Human Behavior - Essay Example

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Ecological Systems and Human Behavior (Name) (Institutional Affiliation) (Date) Ecological Systems and Human Behavior Introduction The dimensions and characteristics of human behavior in the wider society and interactions are attributed to the ecological systems (Hutchison, 2011)…
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Social work- Human Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages Immigrants to the US find it challenging to adapt to the new environment because of the various effects of human social behaviors in diversified environments. On the other hand, human behavior is bound to change according to the environments whereby an individual is able to make new friends, learn new language, and get to know the background of different cultures depending on the surrounding. Some of the main driver to study social work is the need acquire a multidimensional approach in delivering social services. Moreover, social work studies promote individual and community well-being and human diversity respect whereby social institutions developed encourages people who suffer from Crohn’s diseases. Understanding of Ecological Systems There are a number of various systems of ecological perspectives attributed to the human behavior that include microsystems, ecosystems, chronosystems, and macro systems. The ecological system makes up the society that the human being lives today, shapes the way human behave and socialize, and the day-to-day behaviors in school are work places that incorporates human diversity (Hutchison 2003). For example, English as second language students in the U.S. has to behave in a different manner in the classroom. The change in the behavior is cause by the new ecological system in the new environment that is different from the individual’s background. ...
Chronosystem is another transition pattern that deals with human social behavior commonly attributed to the social historical events such as divorce. Families that have undergone divorce, whereby the children and other members of the family are affected in a negative manner for at least the first year after the divorce, experience the transition. A good example of the chronosystem effect on the human behavior is in the case where an individual seeks more opportunities to improve the human well-being by studying further on social work. According to Garbarino (2004), macro-system entails the larger part of cultural values and religious matters in the society. Environmental changes affect an individual perspective on the various ecological systems in both positive and negative manner. On the other hand, ecosystems influence the links that exist between in human. Generally, various ecological systems affect an individual on the social and ecological perspective and are the determinants of the success of how well and individuals adapts to diversified environments. Impacts of Ecological Systems The various ecological have impacts on every person who experience them in both negative and positive ways whereby some individuals experience rapid changes than others. An individual from the Jewish, where I also belong, has to experience the macro system. For example, a student whose native background is in Israel finds it challenging to be familiar the western culture and diversified religions in U.S having being used to a Jewish culture. Fortunately, on personal case, I had an experience in delaying with diversified cultural backgrounds at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Work- Human Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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