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Existential Psychololgy- Rollo May - Research Paper Example

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Michelle Underwood Instructor Research Paper: Existential Psychology September 29, 2013 Abstract Existential psychology has developed largely due to the efforts of Rollo May, who, with the help of Yalom, Adler and other psychologists, developed the theory to its current position…
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Existential Psychololgy- Rollo May
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Download file to see previous pages The principle of anxiety is also described as equally important in understanding the being, since, anxieties shape the destiny of an individual. With these factors also come the principle of guilt and guilt feelings, which, like anxiety, shape the fears and achievements of an individual. The concept of the significance of time is derived from another concept, that of being-in-the-world. This concept describes the three forms of the being in the world; Umwelt, Mitwelt and Eigenwelt, which refer to the biological world, with-world and the own-world of an individual. These concepts are then explained practically, with the need to understand human experiences, the life of Abraham Lincoln, and the treatment of traumatic stress using existentialism. Biography of Rollo May Existential psychology is a theory that is best known due to Rollo May, an American existential psychologist. Existentialism has developed over the years and is currently applied over the world for therapy and other uses. Rollo May was born in 1909 in Ohio, and research indicates that he had a rough background growing up (Schneider, 1999). His parents had constant fights and eventually broke up, and Rollo was left with the responsibility of taking care of his siblings, including a sister who eventually had a nervous breakdown. He started his education in Michigan State University but doe to some radical activities, he was discontinued and had to attend Oberlin College, where he got his first degree in English. Thereafter, he spent the next couple of years as a teacher in Greece, where he met and worked with the renowned psychotherapist, Alfred Adler (Schneider, 1999). He worked as a priest when he came back to the States but later left to start education as a psychologist. After being diagnosed with tuberculosis and sent to a sanatorium for close to two years, he attended a theological college and later studied for a PhD in clinical psychology. In his life, Rollo worked as a counselor, member of the faculty and fellow in different graduate institutions and eventually started his own practice. In the later years of his life, he relocated to California, where he spent his remaining years and did at 85 due to congestive heart failure. He is best known as an author of many books, books that expounded on his theory of existential psychology (Schneider, 1999). Existential Psychology: Basic Principles According to May and Yalom (1967), existential psychology started rising in Europe in the 40s and 50s due to the need to understand human beings in a way more reliable that current ideas and theories. The basic idea behind the theory is the understanding of an individual as a summation of the existing instead of the individual drives, characteristics or conditions. In his career, Rollo May came up with different basic concepts that define existentialism, and these concepts have been developed and summarized as shown below. The main concept of existentialism is the concept of being, where the patient is encouraged to understand the concept of being in therapy (May and Yalom, 2005). Rollo stated that the realization of the individual being can have profound effect on the patient, for example, that one lives and can take one’s own life at any time. Rollo stated that the individual is victimized by the environment until the realization that the individual can chose his or her own being. However, the concept of be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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