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Running Head: Stereotype threat Stereotype threat [Name of Writer] [Name of Institution] Stereotype threat is a situation where a person confirms a negative stereotype about its social group. Social psychologists consider it as one of the most dangerous threat for the peaceful existence of the society…
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Download file to see previous pages Revolutionists often depict the characteristic of stereotype threat since they often try to change the prevailing conditions of their people by altering the daily way of life. Stereotype threat can be considered as an opposite phenomenon of Ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is a concept which suggests that one’s own culture is superior as compared to the culture of other societies prevailing in the world. Although it is beneficial to promote own culture but it may sometimes lead to the racism which can affect the harmony and peace of the society. Therefore adapting the positive elements of other cultures will make the co-existence of people belonging from different cultures of the society possible. The cases related to the stereotype threats were very few in the recent past, however with the passage of time, globalization and interaction among different cultures because of the enhanced communication systems the cases related to the stereotype threats have also increased. It has become quite easier for the people to observe different ways of doing things and to challenge the norms of their own society which they think are outdated (Aronson, Fried & Good, 2002). Reduction of stereotype threat is a very challenging tasks fro the researchers associated with the discipline of social sciences. Experts are of the opinion that before conducting any type of research, it should be assured that researcher does not know about the ethnicity of an individual who is a part of research. Personal biases can come into play and the purpose of research will become meaningless. Discouraging the difference among different cultures can also reduce the occurrence of stereotype threat. Young generation should be groomed in such a manner that they should accept people belonging from different cultures. In this way upcoming generations will not get harmed raise questions about the values of their own society. Encouraging self affirmation is also another method by which stereotype threat can be minimized. For example when an individual will have positive attitude towards its own environment then the chances of criticism can be reduced. Positive economic outlook of the region can also help in bringing stabilization in the psychological problems of the general public. When people have the right kind of resources to live their life then the things like stereotype threats is the least priority of the general public. Government administration also has to play its part in minimizing the problems associated with this phenomenon. When government will have the knowledge about the latest developments happening in the society then they will be more careful in dealing with the negativities which might unearth at later stages (Spencer, Steele & Quinn, 1999). Providing role models is another way of reducing stereotype threats. When people will observe that they have the people in their society who have made their way against all odds then there are very few chances of getting de-motivated from the system. Emphasizing on intellectual level of people instead of promoting racism in the society can also enhance the peaceful environment of society. Everybody will have an equal chance of getting up to the top so the chances of grievances will be minimized (Steele & Aronson, 1995). Stereotype threat can be minimized but it can not get eliminated from the society. People will question the customs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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