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Personal reflection on servant leadership - Research Paper Example

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After the post industrialization era and evolution of leadership in the business world, there is almost an obsession with the phenomena of leadership. Every organization wants to recruit the best human resources, those that can not only generate revenue for them but also lead…
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Personal reflection paper on servant leadership
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Extract of sample "Personal reflection on servant leadership"

Download file to see previous pages On the contrary servant leadership style is the answer to all our leadership dilemmas, it teaches us to give priorities to our followers and not have the arrogance and pride of modern day leaders. It is about understanding human beings and keeping relation prior to money, power or fame. It connects our worldly desires with the eternal life and through the best example of Jesus Christ; it teaches us compassion, sacrifice and devotion to a noble cause. The balancing act between religious teachings and conducting our business is best described by this approach ensuring us success in both worlds, helping others that gives us incomparable peace and harmony eventually a feeling of self actualization.
A literary analysis of servant leadership taught me a lot about this leadership style, it was an enriching experience learning about something that has real meaning of life. The Servant leadership phenomena basically reflected the idea of alleviating other’s lives and helping them in their development and achieve progress in their lives. While reading Spiritual Leadership by Darrell SC Peregrym I understood that basis of every religion mainly Christianity is humble nature of the leaders and prophets, intended to bring peace and salvation to those who are in suffering. Another lesson learnt through this concept was demarcation between state and church which acts as the basis of political system in western world now. Earlier teachings of Christianity equated money and worldly pleasures with evil however segregation between Church and governing bodies of civil society helped in establishing role of Church and its representatives as a servant leader (Peregrym, 2011e). Hence, it is Church’s responsibility to provide guidance to people without seeking anything in return.
Furthermore, servant leadership cannot rest only with today’s managers and senior ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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