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Community Analysis - Essay Example

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Community description Name Institution Community description The Church of Pentecost Edmonton assembly is seen to be an attribute and interest community. According to Brown & Hamis (2012) attribute community as a group or a collection of people have common and important attributes such as religion, race, gender, or socio economic binding…
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Community Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The boundaries of joining the community of the church are clearly defined in the church’s website. There are both adult, youth and children members of the church. First and foremost, one must be 13 years and above, then s/he must have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and finally he should have been baptized by immersion in water in Jesus name. Thus, if all of these requirements are met, the person becomes an Adult Member of the church (Brown & Harris, 2012). To be extended the Right Hand of Fellowship as a full member of the church, certain conditions must be met. These conditions include: Confessing publicly that Jesus Christ is a personal savior, baptism by immersion and undergoing a period of teaching (New Convert's classes) (Brown & Harris, 2012). There are multiple ministries within the community to cater for smaller groups. These are; the children ministry, youth ministry, women’s ministry, men’s ministry and evangelism ministry. Members of the church are part of ministry category they are in. The challenge one can experience after joining this community is the issue of race because this community is predominantly Africans. Even though the church has got clear guidelines that enable one to seek membership of the congregation, some things were left out. This is why the writer found himself conspicuous amongst the community based on his race. We see that the longer the writer stayed in this community, the clearer the boundaries become. Different members of the community had different opinions regarding the writer. Some members ignored his race and welcomed him to the community while some rejected him as they felt he did not belong to their community. From the writer’s encounter in the community, something that comes out clear is that the issue of race is not defined in the written boundaries of the church. Therefore the church needs to revise its boundary conditions. History of the Community The Pentecost Church community, Edmonton, is a section of the larger international community. The origin of Pentecost Church is located in Accra, Ghana. The Church of Pentecost Canada is a branch of The Church of Pentecost International with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana. The Pentecost Church began in 1937 in Accra, Ghana, when Rev. James McKeown, the British missionary began his ministry in Ghana with the intention of helping a group of people who had been a part of the Apostolic Faith lead by Newman Amin. The Pentecost Church began their ministries in Asamankese. They split up in 1939 because of their differences in beliefs on divine healing. As a result, two entities were created; the Apostolic Church and the Apostolic Church Gold Coast. Gold Coast Apostolic Church was established in 1953 as a result of a constitutional crisis with Pastor James Mckeown as its leader. When Ghana obtained independence in 1957, the Gold Coast Apostolic Church was renamed to the Ghana Apostolic Church. Due to tensions of 1953 being unsettled, the then President of The Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Dr. Kwame Nkrumah offered solution to the Ghana Apostolic Church to change its name so that peace can prevail (The church of Edmonton Assembly, 2012). Therefore, on August 1, 1962 the church was renamed to The Church of Pentecost. This church is presently in more than 84 countries on earth with more than 2.1 million followers and about 15,805 local churches. According to the Pentecost Interna ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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