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Animal Minds - how they think and communicate - Research Proposal Example

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Animal Minds - how they think and communicate Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Animal Minds - how they think and communicate Several persons imagine the thoughts of animals. Some people think that animals have sensations like the humans while others assume that those animals do not think…
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Animal Minds - how they think and communicate
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Download file to see previous pages Some scientists have argued that man is the only creature who can think and communicate. They have influenced other people to think the same way. Consequently, some people mistreat animals because of their perceived inability to think. Other researchers have disapproved this through various studies indicating that animals can think like human beings. However, their thinking abilities are not as complex as the humans’ thinking abilities are. Particularly, animals can communicate through sounds, smell, and different signals. Additionally, they can think since they have the capacity to remember things, detect danger, and act in certain ways to satisfy their needs (Johansson, 2001). Purpose of the study To prove that animals can think and communicate To explain show how the animals think To explain show how the animals communicate Hypothesis The chimpanzees will remember the specific banana times The chimpanzees will communicate through sounds and gestures Literature review Language is a form of communication, however; it is not the only way both human beings and animals communicate. Every social animal has its unique way of communication. Some animals like birds and whales communicate through songs. The songs are usually conveyed traditionally, and are common among the animals. Some birds have natural ways of acquiring the song devices. Just like the human beings, birds have to learn how to communicate through songs by hearing other birds sing as they grow. Whale songs are also conveyed culturally. Some researchers believe that the whale songs are similar to the hierarchical grammar. Dolphins also communicate using the sounds that have many language features (Rogers, 2007). According to study outcomes, animal have sensation like humans. This is because several sounds produced articulate their different emotions. For instance, some produce the sounds when they are happy, or when they are hungry. Furthermore, some animals also use alarm calls that have different meanings symbolically. For instance, the researcher discovered that some monkeys use various types of alarm sound when they perceive the presences of different enemies such as snakes and leopards. When the monkeys hear the alarm sounds from one of them, they react differently towards each type of the alarm sounds. For instance, when they hear the eagle alarm call, they usually hide in bushes. However, they climb treetops in reaction to the leopard calls. The newborn velvet monkeys also learn the alarm calls and their meanings as they grow (Rogers, 2007). Wynne (2004) discovered that some animals that do not produce sounds, also communicate through smell. They do this by producing smelly chemicals that pass messages to other animals. They mostly use the chemicals to display their social behaviors. The animals that mostly communicate this way encompass, insects and wolves. Additionally, animals communicate through body movements. For instance, bees dance to tell other bees that they have found nectars. The bees dance inside their hives and these dances also tell other bees the directions of the nectars. Chimpanzees also touch each other’s hands as a sign of greetings. This is very much closer to the humans’ way of communication (Wynne, 2004). Study outcomes reveal that animals use visual signals to attract their mates or warning others of dangers. Animals also use sounds whenever ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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