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Name Professor Course Date Extra Credit Introduction Mistakes serve as a learning experience for most people. Several people tend to take corrections personally than pick up the broken pieces and correct the mistake. Mistakes can be taken either positively or negatively depending on one’s perspective of life…
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Extra Credit
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"Extra Credit"

Download file to see previous pages On every, long exercising runs i would picture myself taking part in 50 to 60 miles with an excellent running form, at the same time retaining the perfect, stable pace. Fascinatingly, my vision was only working in my head since I accomplished the 50 to 60 mile inside my head. This happened because as I was not so familiar with metrics; 100 kilos are represented by 62.2 miles. In my mind, my calculations were around 60 miles; this made me miss the finalising 2.2 miles. I mistakenly mentally ready for the final 2.2 miles. I learned wise people always set a complete vision that is both in the mind, and the practical bit (Grodin, 82). Unfortunately, I realised that I was making a mistake when I was engaged on the pitch and the dent was clear. As we were taking part in the race, I realise that my vision was a wrong one, because of my lack of consultation and team work. A lot of individuals think that noteworthy experiences come from the experiences we had with success which is not always the case. While preparing for my race, I would wake up unusually early to exercise, I mean I invested a lot of time and energy in the race just to come and realise that I was working for the wrong programme. I do not regret the mistake I made, but I think it went on a long way, to make me learn of something new (Grodin, 87). I will never repeat this mistake again as I learned that there things in this life that we can never succeed in alone. I had a mentality that my goals were mine and mine alone and never took the chance to consult or share them with a second party. I later on realised that this party could have given me a lead on what I did not know. Perhaps, hooking up with a metric literate friend would help me avoid such problems in the future. The most notable mistakes made by athletes involves; over training and under training. The preferable method of avoiding such overrated mistakes is by documentation of the appropriate styles of training. A considerable number of trainers have data relating to the miles run covered and the time frame, biking, number of times taken running, swimming, and the place of the events. The data helps the individual to improve on their performances and keep safe from injuries (Grodin, 54). I have learned that no man is a granary of knowledge; we need each other for success. Human beings were meant to operate like a system such that when one part of the system is non functional the system cannot work properly. For an individual to understand their point of weakness and mistakes, they need to adopt a procedure that assists with the latter. The starting point is being honest to oneself; through admitting the mistake so that we create room for learning. Secondly, one should keep on recalling the mistake to avoid future repetitions of the same. This can be successfully handled by diary method; where an individual keeps the milestones of their lives. The diary method enables the individual to keep the experiences they have encountered in check (Grodin, 94). As an athlete, my mistake was not keeping track of my previous athlete experiences; I came to learn of keeping records at my college level which is not a fascinating report to make. It is also advisable for one to plan a schedule to be adhered to ensure a scheduled practice. Through such record, one notes their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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