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Analysis of a Personality - Essay Example

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Analysis of personality Author Institution Instructor Date Analysis of personality Personality is a characteristic endowed by an individual that differentiates one individual with another. Personalities are in the forms of emotions, behaviors, feelings, and thoughts within an individual…
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Analysis of a Personality
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Download file to see previous pages Concisely, personality is consistent and changes according to situations, biological processes, and physiology of a person (Hoggan 1997). Abraham Maslow was born in 1908 in Manhattan, New York to Samuel Maslow and Rose Schilosky Maslow. His nearness to his parents accrued to having a life full of fear, shyness, and depression, which adversely influenced his early development. Maslow hated his mother since birth until her death. Furthermore, he refused to attend his mother’s funeral despite pleas and requests from his sibling who loved the mother. Abraham Maslow’s mother behavior influenced his perception on religion; he changed to a committed Atheist and never believed in God. His behavior was so skeptic that he dropped from a law school with the reason that laws dealt with evil people more than it shows justice. Later, he enrolled on Psychology class in City College where he did remarkably well in subjects he loved but performed poorly on ones he never likes. Maslow’s uncontrollable feelings made him leave City College for Cornell as an escape route to avoid his cousin Bertha whom he loved. Maslow has enrolled in University of Wisconsin where he achieved a degree in the Bachelor of Arts. In 1934, he received doctorate which made him attain a job as a lecturer, because of his concern on human life, he viewed medicine as a course which never accommodate people’s emotions for instance a surgeon could cut off somebody’s body without emotional feelings because of this dispassionate attitude, he quitted medical school. There are major life events, which influenced Maslow’s personality development. Firstly, his parents lived in distant places; therefore, he never got full love from both parents. This made him self- rejected, insecure, and isolated. His mother was tormenting with her inhumane endeavors, which made Maslow question her pity and care as a mother. His mother could threaten him with God’s wrath if he wrongs. He deliberately became disobedient God never punished him, and he converted to an Atheist. Maslow lacked adequate self- trust in class such he could fail in some subjects until he underwent academic probation. Poor performances since childhood made him see himself as an average student for instance, he preferred City college of New York to Cornell University because he thought it belongs to the intelligent students. After seeing his mother smash kittens, he collected on the way Maslow personality tended towards helping the underprivileged in the society altruistic. Furthermore, he declined Medical course simply because he experienced a surgeon cut a patient without feeling the pain. (Janda 2001) Culture has played a key role in shaping Abraham Maslow’s life and personality. Religion had become a force, which guided his operations in life though he changed his religion. He moved to Atheism, which he later intermingled with anti-Semitism. Despite religion portraying magnificent, Maslow’s learnt that one can be alienation due to religious affiliations, for example, after finishing Doctorate he could not get academic position because American campus were not absorbing Anti-Semitic scholars. The society expects boy children to become brave and sturdy in the society so this depressed and demoralized Maslow who viewed himself as a reject and unappreciated. This aggravated hatred towards his siblings that he never accompanied them to his mother’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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