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Psychology - Alcoholism - Research Paper Example

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Alcoholism [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Introduction Alcohol is perhaps the world’s most common and oldest drug. Different cultures and communities produce alcohol in different ways. However, alcohol is majorly produced from fermented grain, fruit/sugar juice, and honey…
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Psychology - Alcoholism Research Paper
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Psychology - Alcoholism

Download file to see previous pages... The severity of these alcohol related health problems depends on the amount of the substance consumed and the user’s level of dependency. Among the common effects of alcohol are mild hangovers, mass self destruction, alcohol-related diseases, and death. It should however be noted that moderate or little consumption of alcohol could have little or no ill effects on the users or his/her family. However, the rampant misuse of the drug could make it a rather dangerous substance not only to the users but also their families and on society. As said earlier, although mild and occasional consumption of alcohol never hurts anyone, over consumption of alcohol results in quite negative effects on users and their families depending on age, gender, physical, condition, amount of food eaten, and other drugs used by the individual concerned. Among the effects of mild alcohol consumption are a relaxing effect, reduced coordination, reduced tension, lowered inhibitions, and impaired concentration (Garland et al., 2010). When one depends so much on alcohol so that his/her body systems cannot function normally without alcohol in their bloodstream, such a person suffers from alcoholism. This paper explores the subject of alcoholism. Alcoholism In medical situations, alcoholism is regarded a progressive and chronic condition in which one constantly craves alcohol. This craving continues despite the negative effects and health problems that alcohol consumption has on addicts and his/her family, friends, and community. Among the common problems caused by alcoholism are drunk-driving violations, relationship problems such as breakups and infidelity, and loss of source of job. Generally, alcoholism refers to a condition in which one physically, socially and psychologically depends on alcohol. Besides the constant craving for alcohol, alcoholism is also characterized by an inability to stop drinking. The aspect of physical dependency implies that one tolerates alcohol and experiences certain withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is absent in his/her bloodstream. Tolerance to alcohol in alcoholics implies that an alcoholic may consume huge amounts to feel drunk enough to enter the recovery phase (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). In fact, most alcoholics deny that they have alcohol-related problems. Similar to alcoholics, those who abuse the substance may have similar signs and symptoms though they may not be dependent on the substance. However, those who abuse alcohol do not have the same level of craving and withdrawal symptoms as alcoholics. Symptoms of Alcoholism There are several signs and symptoms by which alcoholism could be identified including introverted or secretive drinking, constant alcohol cravings, and inability to regulate the amount of alcohol one drinks. Additionally, an alcoholic experiences blackouts during which he/she does not remember earlier events and conversations with others. Whenever an alcoholic does not get drunk at his/her regular time he/she gets irritated. Furthermore, alcoholics encounter many problems due to their increased propensity to commit crimes. Personal lives of alcoholics are also threatened due to being under the influence of alcohol most of the time. For instance, alcoholics have problems sustaining relationships and jobs. As an alcoholic attempts to stop drinking, he/she encounters withdrawal sympto ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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