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This paper delves in analyzing how the musicians or music influence the young people to get involved in drug abuse and alcoholism…
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Download file to see previous pages... The young adults are there youth, teenagers, and the children. It is important to note that this paper has also highlighted the fact that most of the young people have not had much experience in life and that they should allow for the intervention of the adults to shape their lives in the desired direction. The methodology used in the study has included the designs, the participants, and the instruments. It therefore important to highlight that this study is therefore aimed at ascertaining the possible effect of music and the musicians themselves on the young adult’s involvement in drugs and alcohol consumption. It is also important to highlight that this paper has specified coherently the various measures that were taken to come out with the findings and the results of the study. The study has been summarized with a clear conclusion ( Colley ?2008) Introduction A drug is anything or a substance that may have medicinal value attached to it, ability to remove toxins or harmful chemicals from the body and other psychological as well as emotional effects when the substance is consumed or injected into the body of a living organism. It is important to note that during the study, the focus was on hard drugs. in looking at hard drugs, they are narcotics that when they are consumed in large amounts or on a daily basis can be very habitual leading to addiction (Elizabeth 2012). Alcoholism is the impulsive and the in excess taking in of alcoholic contents that could be in beverages or mixed in any other form. Alcohol is a substance that contains much of ethanol content. The people who consume much of the alcoholic beverages without adhering to the set standards and cannot do without the drink are the alcoholics. Music are the words or the lyrics that are recited in rhythmic vocals for many purposes. Musicians are the persons who sing. Music is a cleanser to the soul and once an individual has developed interest in a particular song for some reasons, it is obvious that the person will therefore like the musician who composed and sang the song (Journal of Youth and Adolescence 2013) Songs are sang for various reasons. They could be love songs where one expresses feelings to another, church song where the Lord is praised, work songs that are sang to make work appear easier, dirges for mourning the dead, promotional songs that are sung to promote a particular product and lullaby songs for soothing babies. In the study, we focused on the promotional songs that are sang by the musicians after they have been selected by particular companies to help them promote the name of the product for them to increase sales volume (Sacks 2006). The musicians are picked for this because the companies know that they have a stronger base for fans and their fanatics can easily consume the product because of their influences. The young adults in many cases are the targeted group, in this form of promotion (Leslie 2000) It is fundamental to highlight there are various gaps that exist in this study. For instance, most researchers have always neglected researching on the various causes of the plights that the young adults suffer from. This has made them to withdraw and continues to deeply, be rooted into the immoral situations. This is because this category of people does not always have an organized set up that can facilitate a study. They always want to be at the top and no piece of advice can be accorded to them due to their arrogance, poor attitude, and ignorance (Michael ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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