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Adolescence and early Adulthood - Case Study Example

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Problems Introduction Drug addiction is a problem that is on the rise among different age groups in the world today although studies have proved that the adolescents are more vulnerable to addiction more than any other age group…
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Adolescence and early Adulthood
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Extract of sample "Adolescence and early Adulthood"

Download file to see previous pages Michelle is an individual who is addicted to drugs like marijuana and heroin. In relation to Michelle’s condition the main problem in her case is the addiction to the drugs and her inability to seek treatment for her addiction. The research questions that are going to be dealt with in this case focus on the developmental issues that are contributing to Michelle’s addiction, to determine the implications of Michelle’s addiction to herself and her family as well as assessing how the cognitive , social, biological, and psychosocial development of Michelle contribute to her addiction problem (Brown 2003). Background Michelle is a lady in her early adulthood, who is battling with the problem of addiction to Marijuana and heroin. Precisely, Michelle is a twenty two year old college student whose hopes for a better future seem entangled in her drug addiction problem. The problem of drug addiction started when she was in the adolescent stage. This problem was mainly influenced by her adolescent peers who were very much afflicted to drugs. For Michelle to feel assimilated amongst her peers, she started trying out on drugs in small doses, a habit that developed gradually to result in a state of complete dependency. During the tender years, Michelle’s parents tried to intervene about the change in Michelle’s behavior but due to her rebellious nature, common in adolescents the parents were not persistent enough to help Mitchell overcome the pressure from her peers. (Ghodse, 2011). Michelle’s Current State In this case study we are going to examine Michelle’s developmental challenges during adolescence (13-19 years) through to her the early adulthood years (20-40 years). During adolescence, Michelle was in a stage of self exploration, a stage characterized by a higher need to associate with other people of the society and to belong to a given clique in the society, mostly peers. During this period, Michelle experienced drastic changes in various developmental stages. In cognitive development, Michelle was in an operation stage as explained by Piaget in his theory. In this stage, Michelle was able to develop new mechanisms for interpreting information as she was in a position to explain her possibilities in the future. Michelle started using drugs in her teen years as a result of her association with a group of teens already hooked to drug use. Due to her association with these teens who were addicted to drugs, Michelle was able to assimilate this behavior and eventually became addicted to the same drugs. Michelle’s parents were not able to guide her on the right behavior to adopt and even when they realized that their daughter was taking drugs they were not in a position to discipline her. The facet of cognitive development known as the moral development and judgment explains Michelle’s behavior in a stage known as the preconvention behavior, which entails reasoning and the fear of punishment (Van & Davis, 2013). The psychosocial development of Michelle during adolescence involved rebelling against her parents and being reluctant to listen to their advice concerning proper norms or behavior patterns to adopt. She was intensively involved with her peers who in return exerted more pressure on her to adopt their drug driven lifestyles. Gradually, Michelle developed a strong addiction to heroin and marijuana. In her early adulthood stages, Michelle was able to make what she considered her own informed decisions, such as approving of her addiction to drugs and she did not see the need to seek treatment for her condition despite the fact that she was aware of the damaging effects of such drugs to her health and wellbeing (Leshner 1999).The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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