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Research project Statistics research paper Effects of Hours Spent on Facebook on GPA Introduction This research seeks to investigate to what extent social media influences academic performance. To achieve this broad aim this study focuses on how hours spent on the popular media site, Facebook, affects a person’s GPA…
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Statistics Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages A considerable number of studies have examined the way in which social media affects academic performance of students. For instance, according to studies by Mathew et al. (2011) students in college spend more than 30 minutes on Facebook, while they spend just about 15 minutes in other social sites. This phenomenon raises pertinent questions calling for empirical investigation into the data. The same study also made the revelation that the use in social Facebook had conspicuous variations with regard to course of study, where social science majors made greater use of the social network utility in comparison to other students. Interesting aspects of the use of social media and academic performance are noticeable in studies questioning the relationship between social media use and the type of mobile device (Antone, 2010). The study was set on testing claims that students with smartphones tend to spend more time on social media sites than their fellow students. The claim was found valid after empirical examination, and even went further to suggest that students with greater access to social media sites might perform markedly better in social projects in comparison to their counterparts, given their wider exposure to similar situations through Facebook and Twitter (Davis et al., 2011). This particular aspect hinting at a possible relationship between academic performance and time spent on Facebook is of great interest and relevance in this study. Methodology section The participants for this survey came from a diverse group of individuals with widely differing backgrounds. The total number of participants partaking in the research is 62, who come from a multiplicity of backgrounds. The sample includes people of different gender, lifestyle choices, age groups, career and occupations, educational levels, and social associations. This study forms part of a larger study, which seeks to establish the relationship between different aspects in people’s life and psychological factors such as self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and attachment style. Procedures The data’s collection was through self-administration in a series of questions assuming a number of forms. A few questions were open-ended, while others were closed-ended. For instance, in the data for the two variables used in this research, two open-ended questions were posed: ‘how many hours do you spend on Facebook every day?’, and ‘what is your current CSUN GPA if applicable?’ respectively. A significant number of survey questions were collected using ranks, primarily based on Likert scale. Design This research seeks to establish the relationship between the number of hours spent on Facebook and the performance in GPA. Time spent on Facebook is the EV (Exploratory Variable), while the GPA is the RV (Response Variable). The basic design of the survey involves 62 fully filled survey questionnaires on issues of interest for this research. The participants gave their GPA scores and also recorded the average amount of time they spent on Facebook every day. Through the analysis of the data using the statistical package SPSS, to test the claim that Facebook use affects academic performance. With statistical tools such as ANOVA, it is possible to test the significance of the difference between academic GPA scores and length of time a person spends on Facebook every day. Graphical tools also aid in exploring this subject at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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