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True Experiment - Research Paper Example

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TRUE EXPERIMENT RESEARCH PROPOSAL Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract Research entails the process of carrying out a systematic investigation aiming at substantiating one or more claims in any academic or professional discipline. Research exercise supplements a mechanism through which scholars and professionals can gather knowledge on new or existing phenomena. Academic disciplines may make claims or postulates relating to some observed state of affairs within the discipline’s context…
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True Experiment Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Social scientists strive to understand the nature and causes of behavioral patterns displayed by members of the society. In this regard, psychologists’ aims at understanding people by carrying out studies focused on individuals’ minds. In psychology, research is helpful in studying the relationship that exists between two or more elements within the society. A systematic research exercise proves helpful in substantiating psychological claims relating to behaviors of individuals within any given social setting. In this regard, social scientists employ research processes in the development and advancement of psychological knowledge (Michael, 2009). This proposal seeks to provide an illustration effect on the application of research in explaining psychological concepts. Research Statement A systematic research exercise should have a strong statement, which provides an insight and direction on the purpose of that exercise. A research question will serve to develop a specific description of an underlying topic of study. For clarity purposes, every research exercise should begin by providing a basis of study insinuated through a research statement and a research question. Based on these acknowledgements, this research proposal adopts the importance of self-help books to the self-actualization process of individuals in the society as the research statement. Numerous studies and theoretical information insinuates a relationship between the use of self-help materials and self-actualization developmental process (William, 2011). The question is, Do the use of self-help resources increases the chances of self-actualization? This entire research will seek to provide a comprehensive response to this question. Every step taken should incline its purpose to contributing towards answering the question. This proposal adopts the statement that use of self-help materials increases the probability of achieving self-actualization goals within a reasonable period. Now, we will formulate a systematic research exercise meant to answer the underlying question adequately and to develop the validity of the research statement. For objectivity and professional purposes, it is inherent that a research adopts the elements of an ideal scientific research process (Michael, 2009). Therefore, this proposal employs scientific research procedures throughout the process. This starts with describing objectives of the entire exercises with respect to psychology. Objectives Just like any other systematic process of developing knowledge, coherent objectives will provide guidance to this research exercise. These objectives define the purpose of this exercise and its relevance within the psychology context. The goals will incline to the statement and the research questions stated in the preceding paragraph. This research seeks to develop the validity of a claim. Therefore, goals and benchmarks ensure objectivity and rationality of the research findings. One objective in this research is to develop a relationship between the use of self-help resource materials and attainment of self-actualization (Leonard, 2006). Upon establishing the objectives, this research seeks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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True Experiment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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