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Research Selection and Personality Tests/Profiles For the Validation Process in Hiring Outside Sales Professionals - Essay Example

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Personality testing is very essential in the selection of employees. Having the knowledge of one personality reveals the behavior of someone that you would want to discuss when conducting an interview to determine whether the person is legible for the position or promotion…
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Research Selection and Personality Tests/Profiles For the Validation Process in Hiring Outside Sales Professionals
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"Research Selection and Personality Tests/Profiles For the Validation Process in Hiring Outside Sales Professionals"

Download file to see previous pages Determining the success traits is a course of action described as baseline progress. Most of the time, the practice will start by the interviewer asking the applicant to talk of something about themselves. This is important and may help in unusual aspects not only to the interviewer, but also will help the applicant to wade of fear and to feel much more relaxed. Sometimes it does happen that the applicant could be better prepared than the person conducting the interview. Personality test helps to shed light on the needs of every person, behavioral tendencies, attitude and motivations. Most of these values contains organic constituents. Experts say one has to consider the pertinent personalities that do relate to the place of work. Here are a number of personality factors that seems to enhance better performance at the place of work. These qualities are brought about by every person’s need for stability whether on an individual level or a communal level. Whether they are striving towards innovation or efficiency, the strength with which they stick to their basis and perspective, accept other people’s ideas, or whether they tend to be linear or flexible when approaching to personal goals. There are a series of questions involved in the process of personality test that will mainly gauge an applicant’s natural level of comfort within the provided categories. For example, an applicant might be asked to perform a private numerical scale rate on how well they think they can fare in some of these situations; Shares personal information with work mates How ambitious are they to be number 1 Take credit only when they do earn it After a disappointment how long they takes to dig up back from that discontent How they would take care of details without any surveillance Everything that is said on personality test is satisfactory, for there are no wrong answers in this category of test. The results helps the people conducting the interview to make decisions where the applicant is better suited and also the best milieu the person can better work in. The results will determine whether the person can work efficiently when placed under pressure and whether it would break his personal motivation when the person is put under enormous amount of pressure. Example, a sales person who struggles making sales outside and who’s very anxious about it may fare very well if they were to be brought inside to perform a customer relations job. This means that one has to look at a person from various scopes in order to comprehend their strengths and weaknesses. In some cases the ideal personalities vary, some high techs will regularly like it if they are to be set in a cubicle in a corner. Doing their jobs peacefully like entering codes in their personal computers, while others may do well when they compact directly with the clientele. Hire success has the tools to assess, create and keep a baseline profile for each position in the organization. This shows the perfect combination of behavioral traits and attributes that may approve to work best for a firm and also in different geographies. It’s certain that if one could carry out a personality test to each one in a company one would observe definite characteristics coming out in diverse positions. Some traits may denote the persona of the best people in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Selection and Personality Tests/Profiles For the Validation Essay.
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