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AA Meetings - Essay Example

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Miami is largely known as one of the world’s biggest party cities. Most of the citizens of the city are faced with drug and alcohol related addictions.The community open addiction related help groups assist the patients of various addictions…
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AA Meetings
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Download file to see previous pages After attending several of their meetings, I discovered that the community groups offer diverse types of treatments for the helping various kinds of addicts in overcoming their problems. The groups offered residential, outpatient, dual diagnosis and teen addiction treatment types (Taxman & Belenko, 2011). The residential treatment offered involves restraining individuals to live in environments where there are other addicts recovering. The outpatient form of treatment was offered for patients who needed to maintain certain responsibilities, whereas a dual diagnosis was to be given to patients who were encountering cerebral illnesses and addictions. Finally, the treatment of teen addiction involves working closely with the young teens to help them in solving their addiction woes. This form of treatment also aims at providing the teens with greater education concerning the impacts of addiction (Jason, 2006). In their meetings, the members made the discoveries that despite their government’s efforts to curb the spread of the drugs, they had become cheap and readily available for their users. The group thereby resolved to promote open forums to counter the spread of the habits, which were adversely affecting their community. Their meeting revealed that more of their citizens were ending up in prisons for the possession and consumption of the drugs (Taxman & Belenko, 2011). ...
The major areas that the groups supported in the area are the recovery from alcoholism, cocaine, marijuana and heroin addictions. The support groups have indulged in developing high quality and sustainable methodologies of treating the addictions (Kelly, 2010). The support group meetings emphasized mainly on the coordination among various agencies fighting the act so as to be effective in their efforts. The support groups aim at convincing the government and lawmakers across the state of Florida and the country as a whole, that there are other effective means of fighting off addictions instead of punishing the perpetrators. The meetings from the community members also resolved that their families will be strong and health. Their community members would also benefit from the views being presented from the different people (Miller, 2010). The support group meetings emphasized on the importance of various aspects within the Miami community. These included the activities of saving lives, crime reduction, rebuilding families along with societies and the use of public funds for the desired purposes. Members of the support groups emphasized on the need for adopting alternative methods for combating these vices (Kelly, 2010). There was criticism raised by the groups concerning the government’s decision to concentrate their efforts in the eradication, interdiction and prohibition of drugs within the country. The support group meetings came up with various suggestions for their collaboration with other law enforcers to ensure the issues of drug and alcohol addictions are adequately dealt with (Miller, 2010). The support groups meeting also considered the fact that the issue of drug ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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AA Meetings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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