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Environmental psychology - Research Paper Example

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Professor Date Environmental Psychology Environmental psychology is a field of study that focused on the interplay between human beings and their living surroundings. It is an interdisciplinary study involving two distinct fields. It is interplay between humans and their surroundings…
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Environmental psychology
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"Environmental psychology"

Download file to see previous pages Environmental psychology is therefore, a study of the association between an environment as a whole and how that environment affects its inhabitants either positively or negatively (Allodi 5). There is close association between environmental psychology and several other disciplines. In other words, environmental psychology is not an independent discipline. In order for someone to discern the concepts of environmental psychology, he or she must have some background information related to a number of disciplines such as sociology, political science, anthropology and economics. There is also a need for background information in psychology-related fields such as psychology, mental science, organization theory, and social neuroscience. Nevertheless, environmental psychology has roles in the design field that includes the studies of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and preservation. Fundamentally, the field involves identifying an environmental and psychological problem and through the identification of said problem, discovering the possible remedy to that problem. Therefore, it is necessary for environmental psychology to be tactical enough, observative, and problem oriented (Dorman & Barry 78). The main feature of the problem identified by environmental psychologist is that it must be originating from particular environment and must have some psychological component. Unlike the field of psychology, sociology, the environmental psychology tends to be more comprehensive in that it has broader coverage. The problem can be psychological effects of urban crowding or the architectural design of public settings. In whatever the case it might be, the environmental psychologist would identify the facts related to the problem. Upon identification of the facts, he or she would organize the facts in a systematic manner to come up with a theory explaining the problem. The resultant theory would form a basis for solution to the problem. This is how the field is problem-oriented (Fraser 27). Identification of an environmental problem is followed by studious investigation of various variables related to the problem. The variables would help the environmental psychologist come up with a solution to the problem. This helps in creating knowledge about the workings of societies. Firstly, the problems being identified must be studied under certain stipulation. It must be current and occurring in real life situation. Secondly, the notions about the problems must originate directly from the source - meaning they must be directly from the specific environment where the problem is emerging. The solutions and understanding of the problems cannot come from constructed and modeled environment. Environmental psychology needs to reflect the real society not the abstract society modeled in a laboratory setting. This pose a great challenge to the environmental psychologist because he or she must study problems as they are occurring in everyday life (Dorman & Barry 77). The field is value-oriented and problem-oriented. It give preferences to the research that aim at improving the individual wellbeing within a larger society by solving complex environmental problems. On key requirement of an environmental psychologist is that he or she must have a model of human nature that predicts the environmental conditions under which humans will behave in a descent and creative manner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Environmental Psychology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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