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Media and children behaviour - Article Example

2. Chave s states on page 148 that “it is clear that heavy exposure to media violence causes an increase in the likelihood of future aggressive and violent behavior.” On what does she base this statement? Does Wilson's article support this? Chaves puts forward this statement on the basis of experiments and statistics provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Chaves further explains that it is a scientific concept that media is not the only cause of aggressive behaviors and violence however, it is proved that heavy exposure to media violence increases the chance of future aggressive and violent behaviors. A person who is not the victim of media exposure may also be aggressive and violent in his behavior. Yes Wilson’s article also supports the statement as he also gives evidence from different researches and experiments. 3. What is the connection between electronic media and each of the following and how is this connection evidenced; (according to Chaves) A. Obesity: Chaves provides a number of statements to prove that media exposure and advertisement of unhealthy food on television, internet and outdoor mediums is contributing to increased probability of child obesity. Children desire to eat what is being advertised in an attractive way on television, internet and videogames. ...
The advertisement on television, magazines, video games and internet grabs the attention of children and acts as a strong motivational force for them to light a cigarette. They get

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fascinated to the glamorous way in which the advertisements are made. C. Alcohol use: Television and movies are supposed to have a great impact on alcohol consumption in adolescents. Children, who watch more television, are likely to have increased chances of alcohol consumption. Regardless of the grade of movie, media is continuously exposing alcoholic beverages as a source of fun and fashion. D. Early sexual activity: There isn’t enough evidence to prove that media is contributing to the likelihood of early sexual initiation in adolescents. However, a cross-sectional study examines that media exposure is the cause of it, but the data is not sufficient to evidence the statement. Though, it is understood that somehow media is influencing the psychosocial environment by sexual exposure on television, music videos, internet and movies. E. Aggressive and violent behavior: Chaves provides strong evidence that television is a great cause of adolescents' violent and aggressive behaviors. Children who watch aggressive and violent movies are likely to behave aggressively and choose violent games to play than those who do not watch television or violent shows. 4. How serious are the problems that Chaves reports in her article? The problems of smoking, alcohol consumption, violent and aggressive behaviors are severe and need attention to be solved. Media is harming the social, psychological and ethnical condition of adolescents. However the risks of obesity and early sexual initiation have good reasons but are not proved by any research perfectly. More research is required


Media and Children Behavior" 1. Did you think the articles were well researched and was the evidence used to validate their claims timely or dated? The articles are well researched and clear to prove the statements. Every statement is evidenced by giving strong points and referring to recent researches and experiments made…
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Media and children behaviour
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