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Theoretical about Freud - Research Paper Example

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 The present research paper aims to explore the personality and works of renowned twentieth-century Austrian psychologist-theorist, analyst, neurologist and intellectual Sigmund Freud by focusing upon his services in multiple fields of psychology. …
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Theoretical Paper about Freud
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Download file to see previous pages   The name and fame of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) are not dependent of any introduction altogether due to the very reality that the popularity of this twentieth-century intellectual, analyst and psychologist-theorist is not confined to one single department only. On the contrary, he has rendered his valuable services in the disciplines of neurology, criminology, human sexuality, individual and collective human behavior, cognitive development and others. Freud introduced innovative avenues in the field of psychoanalysis, and invented practical methodology for the complete convalescence of the patients suffering from mental retardation, emotional collapse, sexual perversion and psychological disorders of multiple kinds. Freud has also articulated various theories related to personality development, socialization, aggression and others, where he has presented evidence to support his viewpoint on the causes behind perversion, antagonism, sufferings, emotional disturbance and others. He also determined new dimensions in the interpretation of dreams, and inter-linked the dreams with the unfulfilled carnal desires man is eager to perform, but cannot do the same because of some hurdles, obstacles or limitations prevailing in his culture and social environment. Thus, Freud laid special stress on subconscious that regulates human mind and controls man’s activities. Born to a traditional Jewish family, Freud had been a very brilliant student since his early school years. Being the son of a wool merchant, named Jacob Freud, and his second wife, called Amalie, Freud found imperative difference between the ages of his parents. Being the eldest son of his mother, he remained her favorite child throughout. “Freud had developed great interest in studying the law, but being a very intelligent man, he got acquainted with the fact that law is not an apposite field for the Jews, who had been in minority in the entire region, and were persecuted and were looked down upon by the Christian majority.” (Pervin, 1990:29-30) Consequently, he decided to study medicine to opt it as his career profession for the future years to come. Freud displayed profound aptitude towards neurology, and developed keen interest in unconscious and subconscious. However, he did not confine his interest to neurology; on the contrary, his curiosity helped him discover new horizons of learning different disciplines related to psychological problems and their treatments. Freud was not satisfied with the treatment methodologies prevailing in his contemporary world; nor was he pleased with the age-old diagnosis schemes adopted and observed by the neurologists. He looked for some more in-depth analysis of the problems faced by the patients, which were apparently hidden from the eyes of the prevailing diagnosis system. As a result, he suggested conducting of further in-depth investigations and researches related to the entire phenomena in order to assure the treatment process on scientific grounds. Thus, he jumped into the deep waters of research and analysis in order to obtain the precious pearls of knowledge and wisdom in order to improve the psychoanalysis procedure.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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